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Peek Behind The Scenes Of Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games has given prospective fans of Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the year's most anticipated titles, a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make the game and craft a PlayStation icon like Aloy.


Jeoren Roding, Community Manager at Guerrilla Games, posted the videos to the official PlayStation Blog and briefly discussed how the developer had to adapt to creating an action-RPG, how the studio itself changed, and how Aloy seems to have already captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide.

With regard to jumping from one genre to another, Guerrilla Games co-founder and Managing Director Hermen Hulst said that the game is "the single most ambitious project that Guerrilla Games has ever taken on." And because this was their first time creating quests, they also had to hire new writing talent and created a group that had the sole focus of working on the story. This is a far cry from the more straightforward Killzone games that the studio produced in the past.


Roding then talks about Horizon Zero Dawn's heroine, Aloy, and the long and difficult process involved with her design. In the video, you can see many of her iterations and just how much she's changed over the development of the game. It's Guerrilla's hope that her personality will be the thing that stands out the most when it comes to her design, so that it doesn't really matter what she looks like on the outside.

Check out the videos and look out for Horizon Zero Dawn when it arrives on PlayStation 4 on Feb. 28.