Hearthstone Fans Discover Evidence Of Possible Dinosaur-Themed Expansion

Fans of Hearthstone, the quirky free-to-play collectible card game from Blizzard Entertainment, have put on their super sleuth hats and dug up information that suggests the game's next expansion will be all about dinosaurs.

What gave the possible upcoming addition away? Five roles under a new project listed on Heartstone voice actress Lani Minella's resume. Minella's resume now states that she'll be voicing the characters of Anklesaur, Brontosaurus, Golakka Crawler, Hydra, and Pterodactyl in an expansion titled "Lost Secrets of Un'Goro." Pretty Jurassic-sounding, right? Fans thought so, too — especially those over on the Hearthstone subreddit, who posted the information for further speculation and discussion.

By the looks of it, it seems that "Lost Secrets of Un'Goro" will be Hearthstone's next update, and will pack in it a ton of dino action. Many have mentioned that the timing appears right for another expansion, as the game's most recent one, "Mean Streets of Gadgetzan" was unveiled about two months ago. Additionally, Hearthstone fans have pointed out that the theme of the alleged upcoming expansion feels right; the game overall is high-energy and a little goofy, so slaying some prehistoric beasts sounds very much on-brand for Hearthstone.

Though no official comment has been made from Blizzard just yet, one World of Warcraft (the game upon which Hearthstone was originally inspired and named) expert is confident that these discoveries lead to a legitimate assumption about the "Un'Goro" expansion. "I remember Un'Goro... I remember spending a lot of time there in the original World of Warcraft," the knowledgeable gamer stated. "There was a giant marauding T-Rex, weird oozey creatures." Sounds about right for the reported dinosaur theme.

Whether or not the expansion will soon hit Hearthstone, its developer Blizzard Entertainment has been making big waves in the gaming world lately, especially considering the success of its team-based shooter, Overwatch. Hearthstone has had a nice impact as well, with many comparing its gameplay to the Witcher spin-off card game Gwent, one of 2017's most anticipated games.