TimTheTatman Is Being Hunted

Trolling has always been a problem when it comes to the internet, and streamers see it fairly consistently. One form of trolling that's problematic for gaming streamers is the act of stream sniping — when players get into lobbies with streamers with the intent to troll them. Stream snipers keep an eye on popular streamers' feeds so that they can find them in-game. Some simply wreak havoc in the game, but some go straight for trying to defeat some of the biggest streamers in the biz. 


While "Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War" has tried to prevent stream sniping, it's still a problem for popular streamer TimTheTatman in "Warzone."

Recently, TimTheTatman has posted multiple videos about a particular stream sniper that targeted him several days in a row. However, in the first video, TimTheTatman was only slightly annoyed with the stream sniper. The stream sniper actually, in a way, helped their lobby by  taking out a hacker. This prompted TimTheTatman to go so far as to call the stream sniper "friendly."

While getting stream sniped was understandably frustrating, it was worse for TimTheTatman in the latest video, as he was on the cusp of beating his record for kills in a single game. Before being taken out, TimTheTatman even said that "if this is the kid from yesterday ... I'm quitting 'Warzone' forever." 


It turns out that this was, in fact, the same stream sniper, this time using hacks to take out TimTheTatman the best they could.

Stream snipers have become a major problem

After the sniper downed TimTheTatman multiple times, the streamer raged. While the game was eventually won by TimTheTatman's trusty team, his record wasn't beaten, thanks to the back-to-back targeting.


Stream sniping has caused streamers to stop playing games in the past with one of the most famous examples being Ninja. While stream snipers weren't the only reason the popular streamer quit "Fortnite," they were a major factor in his growing distaste for the game.

One YouTube user commented on TimTheTatman's video and said, "It seems like every other day, there is a hacker ruining your game," which shows just how bad the situation for "Warzone" streamers has gotten. Another user wrote that "[TimTheTatman] had such a good run until there is one kid that wants his attention."

Apparently, this stream sniper has made multiple accounts to get into TimTheTatman's lobby, and no amount of bans have stopped him. "Warzone" is already known for the high number of hackers in the game, and this latest run-in is just another reason for streamers like TimTheTatman to want to stay away from the popular battle royale title.