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Mass Effect's Worst Mechanic Is Making A Comeback

"Mass Effect Legendary Edition" is almost here, and BioWare has confirmed another unexpected feature for the remaster. In an interview with PC Gamer, project director Mac Walters confirmed that the remastered version of first "Mass Effect" will include an option to use the original controls for the Mako, the large tank-like vehicle used to navigate planets. Previously, BioWare had announced that the new version of "Mass Effect" will feature overhauled Mako controls. In other words, the classic control option is for purists only.


The Mako is divisive among fans, with some having a soft spot for the terrible controls and others absolutely hating them. On the "Mass Effect" subreddit, u/suavepancho wrote, "I've always hated the Mako and I'm seriously looking forward to the new controls."

In the same comment section, another user jokingly replied, "Oh noooooo, I'm a Makochist," giving a clear example of just how divisive the original Mako was. Other users, like u/not-jennifer, were just happy to have the original controls available in the game to give them an authentic "Mass Effect" experience.

The choice between new and old

Walters went on to explain BioWare's reasoning for this decision. "You'll never get consensus, whether some people love it, or some people hate it," Walters told PC Gamer. "We're making a big point of it often in marketing, but it's a lighter touch than I think some people might think. And the optional control scheme is optional, so you can drop back and forth."


For those who don't have some strange desire to use the old controls, the new controls are "like night and day," environment director Kevin Meek told PC Gamer. BioWare has included numerous improvements, like the ability to aim more precisely at lower angles, which means it's no longer impossible to hit things within about 20 meters of the Mako, he said. 

Meek also said that the addition of a boost, which is separate from the Mako's jump ability, will allow players to make it up hills, something he doesn't think anyone enjoyed failing to do in the past. A bunch of smaller additions include faster shield recharges and the removal of an XP penalty for getting kills with the Mako.

"Mass Effect Legendary Edition" launches on May 14, and it features major graphical and gameplay improvements. Hopefully this loving re-release of the original trilogy will wash the bad taste of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" out of players' mouths before the arrival of the next "Mass Effect" game.