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Crackdown 3 Brings On Destiny, Halo 2 Writer Joseph Staten

In our digital age, it seems like a good chunk of news breaks on social media, with developers and designers taking to Twitter to tease updates or make major announcements. This week was no exception to this trend, as Joseph Staten tweeted his involvement in the upcoming open-world action-adventure game Crackdown 3.


Staten has been on the scene for quite some time, and has the writing credits to prove it. Past endeavors include working with game developer Bungie as director of cinematics, particularly writing dialogue for the popular Halo series, and later joining Microsoft in January 2014 as senior creative director and a narrative consultant for the corporation's projects. This all culminated in Staten apparently being signed on as a writer for Crackdown 3, the forthcoming third title in the Crackdown series that's currently in development by Reagent Games for PC and Xbox One.

It looks like Staten is happy to be there, as he tweeted on February 4 that he "got to do a little writing" and tagged the Crackdown series' official Twitter account. Staten also mentioned his plans moving forward: "Off to visit the the dev team in the UK today. It's been a fine few days, Agents!" He also gave Crackdown 3 hopefuls a few tidbits of information, mentioning that the upcoming title is "super fun to play" and that the developers "nailed the classic Crackdown feel."


Though players don't yet know when Crackdown 3 will be available, hearing news that Joseph Staten is aboard the project seems like a sure sign that development is going well. Many fans have their fingers crossed that it continues on an upward spiral toward an official release date so it doesn't become a promised game we'll never see.