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The Number Of Gamers Who Would Trade Their Consoles For PCs Is Surprising

Console vs. PC: it's one of the gaming community's age-old debates. Which one reigns supreme? Many gamers have defended consoles for generations, while PC owners have continued to promote the advantages of their chosen platform. Although there was a time where PC ports were often terrible and a dedicated gaming system was the way to go, technology has since come a long way. Some might see ever-improving PC specs as one of the factors that may kill console gaming, however, the truth may not be as simple as that.


When a YouTuber set out to build a PC that could rival the Xbox Series X, it became clear that powerful, affordable gaming systems still have a place in the market. After all, not everyone has an extra $8,000 lying around to build a PC like The Weeknd.

Regardless, even as the two modes of gaming become more of an even match, there are still strong arguments for both sides. With that said, are most gamers ready to trade in their consoles for PCs? After receiving more than 2000 votes worldwide, SVG has an answer that might surprise you.

Can PCs and consoles co-exist?

If you're thinking that dedicated video game systems are yesterday's news, you may be shocked to learn that only 36% of console gamers would surrender their favorite platform in favor of a PC.

In the poll, one voter listed off the reasons why they would not make such a trade, citing "Physical games, bigger screen, hassle free use, no hackers in multiplayer games, exclusives."


A few others in the comments expressed a desire to own both, suggesting that perhaps there is room for consoles and PCs to co-exist. There will always be people on both sides claiming superiority, but in the end, gamers of all platforms can get along. If there's anything to learn from cross-play, it's that gaming barriers don't need to exist.

No matter what generation your console is from, it has a place in your collection. If you are in the market for a gaming PC and have been eyeing your systems as possible trade fodder, some of the passionate fans may you reconsider.