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Killstreaks That Will Never Be Topped

We've all played against that one gamer who's just better in every conceivable way. A player so good they slap down every challenger like three-pointers thrown by an asthmatic pre-schooler. They collect wins like McDonald's monopoly pieces, they make playing the game no fun for anyone else, and they're greeted with messages telling them everyone else has quit the lobby the moment they try to play online.

The gamers we've rounded up here are that good, and it's allowed them to earn streaks of kills and wins that, for one reason or another, will probably never be topped. Go ahead and boot up your old copies of these games just to try and prove us wrong.

The real king of the hill

King of the Hill is a Halo 3 game mode in which players fight for control of a small patch of the map. For every second a player controls this area uncontested, they get a point. While the objective sounds simple, it gets a lot more complicated when you factor in that every player has a pocketful of grenades, an assault rifle, and a right hook that could punch the jaw off a horse.

Though millions of games of King of the Hill have been played, the King of Kings is almost certainly a player known as FatRat. In just over 12 minutes, Rat kills 131 players and earns basically every possible medal and reward the game can dole out, like a virtual version of Audie Murphy with a set of power armor. The best part is, despite killing an opponent every few seconds, FatRat loses the game. (Presumably the system felt bad for the players he'd just spent the last 10 minutes performing keyhole surgery on with a shotgun.) Still, FatRat does hold the record for most kills in a game of King of the Hill in Halo 3, and left knowing that although he was technically a loser, he still had a kill/death ratio big enough to beat someone to death with.

Greedo shoots first, 120 times

Star Wars Battlefront lets you live out your favourite Star Wars fantasies, like being no-scoped by a Ewok or watching Darth Vader be taken out by a rogue X-Wing crashing into him at mach 3. Although most in-game modes pit a horde of stormtroopers against a platoon of rebel scum, players do have a chance to control various hero characters during gameplay. Heroes like Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo and the legend of Tatooine himself, Greedo.

In the video above you see a player called KRYPTIK take a big curling poop on the Star Wars franchise by shooting first with Greedo an astonishing 120 times in a single match. This isn't technically the longest killstreak someone's ever gotten in this game; hell, KRYPTIK himself has gotten longer ones with other characters. This said, there's something amazingly satisfying about watching Greedo heroically mow down wave after wave of rebel soldiers with pinpoint accurate headshots from a football field away with a gun that he couldn't use to shoot Han Solo from two feet away in the films.

Guy beats the creator of Street Fighter at his own game, then 259 more people

Street Fighter is one of those games that no matter how good you are, there's always a chance someone who's never played before could beat you by picking Ken and mashing every button at once. Which makes the achievement of one Ryan Hart all the more impressive.

Basically, to celebrate the release of Street Fighter V, GAME in the UK held a competition in which a seasoned player of the series, Ryan Hart, would take on all comers. Hart played for 11 hours straight, never once losing a match to a single challenger, including Yoshinori Ono, a.k.a. the guy who made the game. Remember the game had just been released, so it's not like Hart had much practice—he just turned up and casually beat 260 people in a row and walked home with a Guinness World Record. Hart holds a number of similar records for besting dozens of players in a row against more skilled opponents, but we think Jackie Chan rules come into play here: emerging victorious from a 260-man kumite is always more impressive than beating five or six really tough guys.

Gamer proves they're hot stuff in SUPERHOT

SUPERHOT is a game that tasks the player with taking out a bunch of primary-colored polygonal opponents in the most stylish manner possible. The game ends if you take a single hit of damage, and enemies are armed with everything from swords to shotguns; to tip the odds back into your favor, time only moves when you do. Essentially, it's a chance to pretend you're Neo from the Matrix and slap a swarm of goons to death with a pool cue.

The game features an endless mode, which is exactly what it sounds like—an endless wave of enemies is sent to kill you and the only aim is to style as hard as you can for as long as possible. The current world record for this mode is 1127 kills in a row by a player called MrAngharrad, who accomplishes this feat with pretty much every weapon they can get their hands on—including their hands and someone's coffee mug, the latter finding itself lodged in some poor guy's jaw 3 seconds later.

Call of Duty player kills so many people with a knife, the creators take notice

First-person shooters give players a lot of flexibility with the weapons and equipment they can take into battle—a selection of weaponry a player with the unbelievably fitting Gamertag Only Use Knife took one look at and said, "nah, I'm good." Starting in 2008 with Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, Only Use Knife (also known as IceViper777) made a conscious decision to never use anything other than a knife in any FPS.

IceViper777 was so committed to this that the developers of Modern Warfare took notice after he stabbed their then-community manager Robert Bowling in a public game. Bowling, curious about how accurate IceViper's Gamertag tag was, took a look behind the scenes and discovered he'd killed over 30,000 people using nothing but a knife. The developers were so impressed they actually implemented more flexibility and options for players who liked doing this into the next game, which means IceViper is partially responsible for that friggin' commando perk that let you stab dudes from 30 feet away in Modern Warfare 2.

Player kills a dozen people with a hunk of plastic

We won't argue that killing the population of a small country with a knife isn't impressive, but a knife is still a weapon. You know what isn't a weapon, though? A freakin' riot shield. Though the exact function of the riot shield has varied from game to game in the Call of Duty series, it's unquestionably a support tool with virtually zero offensive capability. It restricts your movement, limits effective kill range to the area immediately in front of you and makes you look like an upturned turtle. It is, however, completely bulletproof, allowing enterprising players to get in close and slap opponents to death, complete with a satisfying thud noise as the the slab of hardened plastic rockets into their face.

In Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, a game filled with laser guns and jetpacks, a player called Isotonic used a riot shield to kill a dozen enemies in a row—30 in total if you factor in the help from a friendly helicopter that turned up to help when it saw how much future-butt he was kicking. This may not sound like a lot considering some of the other numbers listed, but remember every other person this player killed had an almost infinite comparative kill range and still lost to a sluggish man carrying a futuristic car door. It's also the highest riot shield killstreak for this game we could find that didn't have an obnoxious dance song in the background or that was seemingly filmed with a phone off someone's TV. Sorry, guys—just like penmanship and spelling counts on essays, video quality counts when it comes to having your video featured on websites listing awesome gaming moments.

Player lets everyone experience what WW1 was really like

Battlefield 1 is supposed to be a realistic WWI-based shooter, which kind of falls apart when you get sniped by a German soldier doing a cartwheel off the back of a horse. A player called SamL97 decided to let players see what the war was really like by using a tank to do what a tank back then would have done: win. And when we say win, we don't mean "slowly turn the tide of battle and usher in the next era of warfare through dependable, sustained results"—we mean "steamroll through the opposition and blow everything to Kingdom Come."

In just under half an hour, SamL97 somehow sneaks around the battlefield in an eight-ton thundering mecha-beast and turns 105 enemy players into red smears without even scuffing the paintwork on his prized vehicle. This streak not only equals some of the highest ever achieved by actual soldiers during WWI, but was enough to completely demoralize the enemy to a point they almost seem to stop fighting towards the end of the video. If you watch, you'll see that some players actually running directly at the tank, almost as if they're sacrificing themselves to the crushing boot of the German war machine in a futile effort to make their nightmare end. Or maybe they're just really bad at the game, we can't tell.

One of Destiny's best players probably doesn't know it

Destiny is like Halo with power-ups, only instead of being escorted on your mission by a kick-ass virtual woman with terabytes of booty and sass, you get a bored Peter Dinklage trapped in a cube. The game's multiplayer is huge and there are countless YouTube videos uploaded by players claiming to have the record for longest killstreak—all of which you can ignore, because the actual record belongs to Crumply Llama, a player with two videos on their channel who hasn't updated it in a year.

According to DestinyTracker.comwhich unsurprisingly, tracks various stats for the game—Crumply Llama has the longest killstreak ever achieved by a player with 143 kills in a row. What makes this achievement doubly impressive is that according to their profile, Crumply Llama only gets around 12 kills (on average) per game while playing in the highest ranked playlists. This means that they played around 10 games against the best players in the world without dying once. As mentioned, Crumply Llama hasn't updated their YouTube channel in a year, and according to Destiny Tracker, as of this writing they haven't played the game in a month, so they probably have no idea they hold this record.

Diablo 3 player breaks game, leaves no chance for anyone to challenge them

Diablo is a series that lets you hack the endless hordes of hell to death as a character who looks like the walking personification of a heavy metal album cover. It's all kinds of dope, is what we're saying.

In 2012, Diablo publisher Blizzard held an open beta that was promptly torn apart by gamers, one of whom managed to somehow get 11,391 kills in a row without dying by exploiting various loopholes and bugs not present in the final game. An achievement that would have faded into obscurity along with the beta if not for the fact the Guinness Book of Records inexplicably decided to mention it in their 2016 gaming edition. As a result, this streak is totally official and will stand forever as there's no possible way for any other player to ever try and challenge it. Congratulations, Lastea—you own the only killstreak on this list that's literally impossible for someone else to ever top.