Mass Effect Andromeda Character Kits Released For Cosplayers And Fan Artists

The Mass Effect games live and die by their stories—Mass Effect is one of the few series that can bring players to tears through the strength of its plot alone—and, as such, it's no surprise that many fans have formed deep connections with many of its characters. With Mass Effect Andromeda, the next entry in the series, just a few weeks away, BioWare is making it easy for fans to get their cosplay and fan art ready for launch with new, high-resolution character kits that offer in-depth looks at Tempest's ragtag crew.


"The Mass Effect community is filled with talented artists who have shared cosplay, illustrations, photographs, and countless other creations with us," says BioWare's Sean Trayner. "Our Andromeda character kits feature high-resolution images so you can capture all the details of your newest friends and allies. We're humbled by what you have made so far, and are excited to see what you create next!"

Five of the character kits are live on BioWare's website right now, with more coming in the future. Scott and Sara Ryder, Mass Effect Andromeda's two main characters, top the list, while kits for second-mate Cora Harper, crisis response specialist Liam Kosta, and the Asari daredevil Peebee are also available.


Each character kit contains a multi-angle overview of the character's costume, zoomed-in pictures of the character's face, hands, and feet, a detailed look at the character's weapons, and a special section devoted to textures and the character's color palette, making it easier than ever for fans to capture their favorite characters' in-game looks.

Mass Effect Andromeda, the first new Mass Effect game in five years, launches on March 21, 2017 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Like previous Mass Effect games, Mass Effect Andromeda mixes a branching, dynamic narrative with an RPG-like progression system. Unlike previous games, all of the combat in Mass Effect Andromeda's sprawling open world takes place in real-time, giving the game a more action-heavy bent than its predecessors.