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New Pokemon Snap: The Best Pokemon In Each Region

"New Pokémon Snap" has taken the world by storm. Whether you're already hours into this full-length title or you're still in the tutorial figuring out how to nail that perfect photo, you're more than likely getting a kick out of snapping pics of Pokémon in their natural regions.


Today, you'll find out the best Pokémon in each Lental region. This game features only the cream of the crop, since the folks behind "New Pokemon Snap" were intentional in deciding which furry (and not-so-furry) friends would make the cut. Special attention was given to how different Pokémon would fit into natural habitats, and that ended up being was a major consideration in selecting these top-tier creatures.

Whether you're into this realistic spin on a fantastical game or not, this list will give you an idea of a few of the most adorable, fierce, and fitting catches you'll find in "New Pokémon Snap." Though the opinions are subjective, all 214 Pokémon in the game are objectively adorable.


Warning: major spoilers ahead for "New Pokémon Snap."

Florio - Meganium

The first time you come across a very new kind of Meganium in the Florio Nature Park, you'll surely do a double take. This dino giant is the first Pokémon in the game that exhibits the Illumina Phenomenon, which Professor Mirror has enlisted you to research, so finding it is a huge initial milestone that you won't forget.


Ever since the release trailer for "New Pokémon Snap" dropped, fans have been reeling over a particular detail: this Pokémon definitely puts the "Mega" in its name. Meganium usually stands just under 6 feet, so the 20-something-foot giant totally blew everyone's expectations out of the water. Whether you knew this star was on the way or found yourself pleasantly surprised while playing, the excitement is all the same.

On top of that, the stunning glow Meganium exhibits (again, thanks to the Illumina Phenomenon) makes it irresistible to photograph. Exploring a mysterious area in the dead of night and finding a giant, glowing dino Pokémon perfectly captures the magical spirit of "New Pokémon Snap" and kicks the game off right.


Belusylva - Trevenant

Blink and you might just miss this one. Elder tree Pokémon Trevenant may evade you at first, but if you have an eagle eye, you'll notice something mysterious among the trees. Time your shot just right and you'll have some exciting news for Professor Mirror about what he once may have thought of as just foliage.


Trevenant has got to be the best Pokémon in Belusylva, simply because of its spot-on placement there. As a ghost and grass type, there's no better home for Trevenant than a foggy forest teeming with other ghoulish and green creatures. Plus, this Pokémon is fun and challenging to photograph given its large size and elusive, mysterious nature.

If you're someone who can't see the forest for the trees, don't change that trait in Belusylva. Double down and pay attention, especially if you want to spot Trevenant and snag an epic shot of it emerging from the mist.

Maricopia - Lapras

From the beach to the reef to the depths of the seafloor, Maricopia is home to many well-suited water type Pokémon and more. Though there are undoubtedly a ton of Pokémon perfectly suited to their ocean environment, none are quite as majestic as Lapras.


Obviously, this Pokémon is well-loved (it's been around since Gen 1, after all) and has offered its services as a rideable companion throughout the series. Seeing it in such a well-suited ocean environment is a breath of fresh air. If you're a longtime fan of Pokémon, the moment you find Lapras will surely put a smile on your face.

Though Lapras is a majestic sight to take in anytime, its behavior in this region is a blast to photograph. If you're lucky, you'll find Lapras swimming with a stunning sunset as a backdrop. If you're extra lucky, you might even catch a precious baby Lapras playing and splashing with its parent.

Voluca - Tyranitar

Things sure do heat up in this desert region, complete with an oasis and volcano. Though great cases could be made for any of the fire types that emerge in this region, the best Pokémon in Voluca has got to be Tyranitar.


Tough as nails and then some, this rock and dark type thrives in the sandy Voluca region, so much so that its Photodex entry describes it as having "such a sturdy body, it can even doze off in the middle of a sandstorm." Once you see this armored beast let out its roar, you're likely to be so trigger-happy snapping photos you might just run out of storage. 

However, you'll be even more impressed at how chill and at peace it is the rest of the time. Whether you see Tyranitar as a battle-ready bad boy or a surprisingly snoozy specimen, there's no doubt it's found the perfect home in "New Pokémon Snap."

Durice - Clefairy

Whether you're exploring the snowy tundra or the chilly caverns of Durice, you're sure to find plenty of ice type Pokémon there. As tempting as it is to choose an ice type as the best Pokémon of this region, the title has to go to Clefairy.


At just 2 feet tall, this fairy type may not seem like much at first, but it demonstrates some fascinating behaviors that lead to fantastic photographs. Seeing Clefairy in the light of the Crystabloom might make you start believing in magic, if you haven't already. If that doesn't do the trick, playing music and illuminating the Crystabloom leads to a truly exciting phenomenon in which the Clefairies dance and float in the air.

In this cold region, the magical, musical joy Clefairy brings will surely lift your spirits. Even if you're usually into tough, rugged Pokémon, capturing the cuteness of Clefairy might just make you rethink fairy types and your favorite Pokémon altogether. Finding it is tricky, but it's totally worth it once you do.


Aurus - Noivern

By the time you finally arrive at the Ruins of Remembrance, you'll be an expert in catching Pokémon in their natural habitats, but that doesn't mean the surprises are over. The sonic waves Noivern creates may get you one of the best photos of the game. This bat-like flying and dragon type has quite the personality, and though catching it in flight and on the move isn't easy, it sure is rewarding. Though it looks a lot like a bat, the fact that Noivern is nearly 5 feet tall makes it even more striking. Don't underestimate this mysterious creature, as it might lead to some of your most unique shots if you give it the chance.


And there you have it. If that didn't give you your daily dose of Pokémon cuteness, don't worry, because there may be more creatures on the way for "New Pokémon Snap."