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Mega Man 12: When Will We Get A Sequel?

If you grew up with access to the Nintendo Entertainment System, chances are good that you have played a "Mega Man" game. The Blue Bomber has been blasting his way through robot masters and thwarting the evil Dr. Wily since 1987, and even though the original game actually didn't do so hot, the series has since gone on to become a classic. While not every core "Mega Man" game is a hit, there's no denying the franchise's overall success. After all, who doesn't love defeating a series of wacky enemies and stealing their increasingly bizarre powers?


The last installment in the series, "Mega Man 11," came out in 2018, so if you are a fan of the franchise, you might have already played it and beaten it. If that's the case, you may be wondering when the next game will come out. This is what you can expect about the release date for "Mega Man 12."

A new Mega Man appears to be in the works

Fans could see "Mega Man 12" as early as 2022, however, such a date is highly speculative. Following a ransomware attack on Capcom in 2020, a user on Resetera posted a list of in-development projects that were leaked as a result of the incident. On that list was "Rockman Match (Q3 FY22)," and for those who don't know, "Rockman" is the Japanese title for "Mega Man."


It's possible that "Mega Man Match" is a working title for "Mega Man 12," but it's also just as possible that it's another game entirely. One fan in that thread speculated that it could be a remake of the mostly-forgotten "Mega Man Soccer." Another factor to consider is that no matter how credible the source may be, this information is unverified.

Whatever the case may be, in 2019, "Mega Man" producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya did hint at a new "development" in the series (translation via Google Translate), so another "Mega Man"-related title should be on its way at some point. Time will tell if it's "Mega Man 12" or something else.