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Adin Ross Becomes The First Twitch Streamer To Do This

Twitch is a place where entertainers get to find audiences and show off their unique personalities and brands. The successful streaming platform has been around for a long time and countless hosts have manage to find their niches and unique angles for their broadcasts. At this point, it can be tough to figure out a groundbreaking approach, but it looks like Adin Ross has come up with a new idea — one that is making a difference for other people.


It all began on May 10, when Ross tweeted that he had "a really really crazy announcement." Instead of immediately revealing his idea, he promised to start broadcasting after receiving 20K likes on the post.

His followers were clearly anxious to know what he had to say. As one user pointed out, he got "5k in 1 min." Others were urging him to "go live" as soon as possible. What was the big announcement?

That same day, Adin Ross went live and told his fans that every month, he would be donating 20% of his entire Twitch earnings to charity. Of that amount, half would be dedicated to LGBTQ+ charities, while his fans would vote for a second cause to distribute the remaining 10%. As he delivered this news, Ross was clearly excited and enthusiastic about his latest venture.


A little bit about Adin Ross

Adin Ross got his start streaming "NBA 2K" and roleplaying in "Grand Theft Auto Online." In June 2020, Ross had a major breakthrough moment while in a group call with LeBron James' son. The famous basketball player hopped on the call to say hi, and Ross was beyond excited, and viewers were happy to be along for the moment.


Recently, the streamer officially crossed the 50,000 subscriber threshold on Twitch, which, according to Calum Patterson of Dextero, "is worth around $175,000 to the streamer, after Amazon takes a cut of the $4.99 subscription price."

Considering the fact that he recently saw a sudden and drastic uptick in earnings, it makes a good bit of sense that he wants to pay it forward and share the good fortune. It also makes sense that Ross would want to make up for past controversies, including when he received a suspension from Twitch (via Dexerto) after a guest used a homophobic slur on his channel. 

If you're looking for a new streamer to subscribe to, you may want to take a look at his channel. Not only will you have a new content creator to follow, but now you know that part of your money will go to charitable causes.