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1-2-Switch Includes Safe Cracking And Crying Baby Mini-Games

1-2-Switch, one of the two first-party launch titles for Nintendo's brand new Switch console, will include 28 separate mini-games that run the gamut from normal to quirky to downright bizarre.

A couple of days ago, Nintendo released a series of videos on its Japanese YouTube channel showcasing 18 of 1-2-Switch's simple games—the titles of the remaining 10 were found on 1-2-Switch's official website, and translated by fans on Reddit.


Previously announced mini-games, like Quick Draw, which casts players as cowboys and asks them to draw the Switch's Joy-Con controllers like revolvers, Ping Pong, and Milk (yes, a cow-milking simulator) appear on the list, as do a number of new, intriguing entries. In Shaver, players use the Joy-Cons like razors, moving the controller over their faces to remove hair from a Mii-like avatar. In Safe Cracker, players twist the Joy-Con controllers to move a safe's dial back and forth, while the Joy-Con's HD-rumble feature lets players know when they've found the right combination. And then there's Baby, in which players undock the Switch from the television and cradle the console like an infant, slowly rocking the machine to "sleep."


Like its predecessors, Wii Sports and Nintendo Land, 1-2-Switch is a user-friendly collection of games intended to introduce new players to the Switch and show off the console's unique capabilities. While Nintendo Land was a largely solo affair, 1-2-Switch emphasizes multiplayer interaction, including a number of games that encourage you to look directly into your opponent's eyes instead of a screen.

The full list of 1-2-Switch games (with videos, where available) is as follows (keep in mind that some of these titles are fan translations, and the names might be different in 1-2-Switch's English edition):

1-2-Switch releases on March 3, 2017, alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Switch console itself. Sadly, these other big games won't be joining them.