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Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Forever

If you're a fan of "Elder Scrolls Online," then here's some great news: you can (probably) expect to keep playing your favorite game forever. The only catch? Gamers have to keep playing to ensure that "ESO" stays available.


Zenimax Online Studios president Matt Firor sat down with The Washington Post to spill all the details on the past, present, and future of "Elder Scrolls Online." There's a lot to unpack, especially given the rich history of the "Elder Scrolls" franchise, though most of what Firor has to say is great news.

Since 2007, Firor and his team had the goal of bringing "Elder Scrolls" online as a different type of MMO, though it's generally been considered more of an online RPG since its 2014 launch. While a long life has always been envisioned for "ESO," the team is proud of just how far the game has come. As Firor put it, "I don't think any of us really expected it to be running so successfully seven years after launch."


When asked about the fateful day when "ESO" would be no more, Firor instead spoke to the continued growth of the game and how the players are the ones to determine the game's future: "The community will tell us when the game is starting to be done and they have not at all yet. We're still, in many ways, growing."

A fan-led future

Firor went on to emphasize the international appeal of the game that's "very much played by a disparate group of people." There are "Elder Scrolls Online" gamers from "almost every country in the world," and they represent a mix of both new and long-term fans of the game. The bottom line? "People are going to keep playing it and we'll keep making content for them as long as they're around," said Firor.


Speaking of the future, Firor also touched on the game's upcoming June 8, 2021 console enhancements for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Since the next-gen consoles are "very, very, very powerful," especially compared to their 2014 equivalents for which the game was developed, players can expect big-time improvements in graphics and gameplay — 60 fps is guaranteed.

Hands-down, the future is looking bright, according to Firor. When asked if he feels "ESO" is threatened by battle royales, Firor made it clear that "there's always going to be room for those types of games." He even plays battle royales himself.

Though in the past, the team behind "ESO" desperately dropped its monthly subscription fee to stay relevant, now, the devs are exuding nothing but confidence. Fans can rest assured that more great things are ahead, so long as they keep playing. As for "Elder Scrolls 6," the world is still awaiting a release date for what they're hoping is another mind-blowing next-gen hit.