Wolfenstein Developer's Next Project Is Crazy Good, Says Bethesda Executive

For a while now, fans of the Wolfenstein series have been speculating that Swedish video game developer MachineGames was working on a sequel to its 2014 FPS title, Wolfenstein: The New Order. The following year, the company released a prequel entitled Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but players have been feeling like a follow-up is what's coming next.

Today, Bethesda Softworks (who is responsible for publishing MachineGames's Wolfenstein installments) marketing vice president Pete Hines hinted at what the MachineGames has been working on — and a ton of people think it's the highly-anticipated Wolfenstein sequel.

"MachineGames has been hard at work on something, which I can tell you I have played," Hines said on the February 9, 2017 episode of the Kinda Funny Games podcast, hosted by Greg Miller. Hines described the in-the-works project as "f—ing bananas," enthusiastically stating that he "can't wait to show what it actually is."

Following a cmd.exe screen that appeared during Bethesda's E3 2016 presentation, which teased a project called "The New Colossus" and a **-**-** release date, fans have stuck to the belief that the next release from MachineGames will be the Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel. The title seems to fit, even more so when you consider that "New Colossus" may refer to the sonnet delivered by BJ Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order. While no direct comment was made regarding MachineGames's latest project possibly being shown at E3 2017, Hines mentioned that he would "let [people] know when" it would be debuting.

Though rumors haven't been confirmed just yet, fans can likely rest easy that whatever MachineGames has in the works, Wolfenstein sequel or otherwise, it'll probably be a lot better than Wolfenstein 3D, which has been considered one of the worst ideas in video game history.