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This Skyrim Player Has Finally Killed Everyone

Even years later, fans are finding messed up things in "Skyrim," including more a few weird mysteries fans still don't have answers for. And just when you think players have explored every crevice of "Skyrim," someone always does something completely new. Sometimes, that involves killing people. Redditor JaeInSkyrim recently announced that they managed to kill everyone in "Skyrim," leaving them completely alone in the huge open world.

JaeInSkyrim explained that the feat required taking out 2201 NPCs and 2400 creatures and animals. While JaeInSkyrim didn't offer any details on how they killed everyone in the game (or why), they uploaded a series of photos that speak for themselves. Each picture shows JaeInSkyrim's avatar standing amongst the corpses of their fallen victims. The post title included, "All gone. I'm alone in Skyrim." 

Fellow gamers responded in style with, what else, puns. One commenter said the whole region could now be called Solitude, a nod to one of the biggest towns in "Skyrim." Another player responded and explained that they had initially believed the city of Solitude was "an empty place [just] for the player." Now, for JaeInSkyrim, it truly is.

Fellow fan stories raise questions about Skyrim

Gamer BillbroSwagginz shared a similar story in the comments, remarking on a similar goal they had in "Morrowind," an older "Elder Scrolls" game. "In 'Morrowind' when you soul trap a named NPC their name is displayed on the gem like 'Lesser Soulgem (NPC's Name),'" BillbroSwagginz explained. "So I have a full collection of every NPC's souls on display in my player home."

Perhaps most notably, some gamers responded that there was still one target remaining: JaeInSkyrim themselves. JaeInSkyrim did not respond to any comments indicating what was next for them in "Skyrim," now that everything had been conquered, but one thing players know is they're sitting on some sweet loot. After all, some items can only be obtained after doing some messed up things, like killing innocent NPCs and taking their weapons.

"Skyrim" still manages to bring joy to players, especially through its extensive modding community. With a little help from mods, players can do just about anything in the fantastic world. But sometimes (and only sometimes), making your dreams come true means slaying every other breathing creature in the land. JaeInSkyrim now knows the pleasure of being the only person in existence, but one wonders if it gets lonely after everything has been done in "Skyrim," if such a thing is even possible. Gamers will likely continue doing wild things in the world of "Skyrim," pushing the boundaries of one of the most-played games of all time.