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The Real Reason Fans Want To Keep This Animal Crossing Glitch

You're going to want to sit down for this one. Fans are crossing their fingers in the hopes that a new "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" glitch sticks around, since it allows them to plop down in places they never have before. Hands down, this is much better than an official sit-down update that led to players getting a cold shoulder from their residents. Previously, players found themselves a bit offended when they'd sit down next to an NPC, only for that character to get up and leave. This new glitch opens up plenty of fun new sitting (and swimming) possibilities.

Pools, ponds, the river, rocking horses, fire pits, and rocket ships are just a few of the many new places where you can now pop a squat in "ANCH." One character even got stuck in a cotton candy machine. According to IGN, "Part of this glitch's popularity is connected to how simple it is to do. It only requires an unfinished puzzle item to clip into whatever you want to glitch."

Twitter user @Wilbos_World shared a video tutorial that breaks down how to perform the glitch in about a minute, with a visual walk-through included. Basically, you have to perfectly arrange the unfinished puzzle piece and the object you hope to sit on near a cliff's edge. Once you're in business, @Wilbos_World's instructions are also helpful for learning how to swim, believe it or not, using your inventory and Nook Phone buttons.

More on the glitch-uation

Of course, this is a glitch, so there are no guarantees that things will go smoothly. That being said, don't worry too much about getting stuck while trying to sit, because there's always Rescue Services to call upon.

Redditor @alien_urbano is one of many folks sharing photos of their sit-down adventures online. Their trending post with nearly 2,000 upvotes features eight glitch photos accompanied by this caption: "I love taking photos and this glitch has so much potential! Nintendo let us keep it!!" Redditor @SwankyBasileus shared a video of their character dancing in the bath wearing a towel, complete with the caption "#Livingtheislandlife."

For once, players are completely in love with a glitch in the beloved life sim game. Whether you're still a hardcore "ANCH" fan or you're taking a break to play similar games instead, this small glitch is offering novelty at a time when gameplay has started to feel a bit repetitive. Photo opps are guaranteed.

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