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The Best Miitopia Fan Creations

Who doesn't love Miis? They're the adorable, cartoony, customizable characters that have become a signature part of Nintendo's branding. As soon as you see one of those lovable faces, you instantly think of the legendary company that created them.


Miis debuted on the beloved Nintendo Wii and they have been featured in the company's handhelds and home consoles ever since, from the failed Wii U to the celebrated Nintendo Switch. These signature avatars even made their way onto "Super Smash Bros." as Mii Fighters.

As simple as the cartoon facial features may be, the available options give gamers a lot of creative freedom to make some rather impressive lookalikes. You could even say that simplicity is what gives Miis their charm. And while the signature design hasn't changed much since their creation, Nintendo's "Miitopia" may be poised to change all of that. The game allows players to create custom Mii characters for use throughout the game, offering players a way to make even more accurate representations of their friends and favorite characters.


Nintendo put out a video showing off the new makeup and wig features in "Miitopia," along with a demo so gamers could start practicing. Since then, users have gotten pretty inventive with their new avatars. Here are some of the best "Miitopia" fan creations.

These users got "Bizarre" with their Miitopia creations

"Miitopia" may be the perfect place to unleash your stand, as demonstrated by two users on Twitter. Declaring that they "[couldn't] stop making miis," @stardustpools tweeted an impressive recreation of Noriaki Kakyoin from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." The young Stand User is well-represented with earrings, his signature red hairstyle, and detailed lines on his face. Of course, there's the old saying, "Great minds think alike," and someone in the comments showed that @stardustpools wasn't alone in creating a JoJo Mii.


In the thread, a user named @2112_austin shared that they also made a character from the popular anime. In the tweet, a picture of a Joseph Joestar Mii is accompanied with the text "made a part 3 joseph joestar. i think i did a good job with it." Indeed, their interpretation of Joseph is quite impressive, with the perfect hair, expression, and facial markings. Even the seldom-impressed Jotaro Kujo (or at least a fan posing as him) was in awe, tweeting "HOW ?!"

Now that gamers can recreate these famous anime characters, they're presumably ready to take on the most powerful villains from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" in Miitopia.

Reminders of Nintendo's haunted past

If Nintendo had any idea fans would use the improved Mii editor to design references to its checkered CD-i past, the company may have thought twice before putting such intricate options in "Miitopia." Unfortunately for Nintendo, the internet will never forget.


Questioning why they even made it in the first place, @milkystar64 shared a Mii whose head is just an image of two "pesky plumbers" walking away from the camera. This picture happens to be an iconic moment from the embarrassing "Hotel Mario," which wound up on the Philips CD-i. Anyone familiar with the meme-able game could probably hear the accompanying tune playing as soon as they saw this impressive design. 

It wouldn't be fair for Mario to get all the attention, of course, which is why @Funfernope made what they referred to as their "magnum opus of Mii building." This Mii, which is a spot-on recreation of the CD-i version of the wicked Ganon, is a haunting reminder of the embarrassing "Zelda" games from the infamous Philips console. If you are at all familiar with those titles, you will instantly recognize this particular "face of evil."


Unconventional villains

One of the best things about "Miitopia" is that gamers have the opportunity to get really creative when casting characters in their adventures. While some may look to celebrities or cartoons to fill the villain's shoes, others have taken a less conventional approach.


Someone on Twitter decided to take a shot at one of the biggest players in the industry. In an effort to poke fun at the shady side of EA, a user named @Not_Chrom, said, "Miitopia asked to make a villain, so I did: Microtransactions." Indeed, this user made EA Games the literal "face" of microtransactions and even showed what this entity looked like as the game's villainous Dark Lord

Another gamer used the villain role as a way to express their frustration over pesky group notifications. Their Mii is a spot-on Discord icon with a message below pinging everyone in a channel. Shared by @shadowofvanny, the original creator remains unknown, but this is a source of evil that is relatable to anyone who has ever had to silence their notifications.