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This Unstoppable GTA Player Is Causing An Uproar

It's been nearly a decade since "Grand Theft Auto 5" was released, and players have found all sorts of bizarre ways to play the game. One memorable player even tried to run a pacifist route through the violent game, killing the least number of enemies they could get away with. However, it'll take a lot to top what one player just achieved: beating "GTA 5" without taking any damage.


A YouTuber going by the name of UnNameD posted their "GTA 5" playthrough in three separate videos on May 16. In the videos, UnNameD essentially has 1 HP and successfully completes the entire game, with more than a few close calls. All in all, the playthrough took about nine hours, which is an impressive speed for someone playing extra carefully. UnNameD mentioned that it took about a month and a half to successfully pull off this challenging run.

While the feat is certainly amazing, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. In fact, another YouTuber called DarkViperAU has been trying to accomplish the same thing for the past year, never succeeding in surviving an entire playthrough. According to fans, UnNameD previously discussed playthrough strategies with DarkViperAU before completing his run. This fact has led to a great deal of discourse between UnNameD and DarkViperAU fans.


DarkViperAU and the GTA 5 no-damage run

The inspiration behind UnNameD's no-damage playthrough of the game seemingly came from DarkViperAU's attempts to do the same. According to DarkViperAU's 27th video in his series, he's gotten through every individual mission in the challenge, but never completed an entire no-hit playthrough of the game.


A lot of people were upset because UnNameD didn't share the strategies he used, nor did he credit DarkViperAU in the comments for the strategies he had shared in the past. However, according to YouTube user Herr Keks, UnNameD submitted some of his early strategies on DarkViperAu's Discord. Those strats were allegedly ignored, and so UnNameD just did the playthrough on their own.

UnNameD has claimed they didn't want people to begin harassing DarkViperAU to try things when the streamer didn't want to. In the same comment, UnNameD remarked, "I admit, I should have given my strats before releasing the run."

DarkViperAU didn't take the news of UnNameD's video well. On Reddit, DarkViperAU posted a less-than-stellar response that was deleted afterward. However, his comments have been re-posted by another user. Essentially, DarkViperAU explained that he was upset by UnNameD's accomplishment, because it built off of his own work and robbed him of the opportunity of doing it first.


In other words, while this may be a huge achievement for UnNameD, it has proven to be a source of frustration for DarkViperAU and a number of fans.