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This MCU Star Has Minecraft Fans Losing It

Streamers are one of the newest types of celebrities, with many streamers almost as well known, if not as well known, as popular actors and actresses. "Minecraft" is one game that can earn streamers a lot of attention. It stands to reason, then, that mainstream celebrities talking about streamers can lead to unparalleled popularity. Anthony Mackie, better known to Marvel movie fans as the Falcon/the new Captain America, referenced a "Minecraft" YouTuber in an interview with People magazine, and fans are going crazy.

In a People article from May 17, the MCU superstar said that his kids don't really care about his acting career — save for his guest appearance on "Sesame Street," of course. In fact, Mackie had to force his kids to watch the his recent MCU show, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," because they just weren't impressed by their father's superheroic role. 

According to Mackie, his kids are much more interested in some "British dude who sits online and plays 'Minecraft.'" He even likened the "Minecraft" streamer to Michael Jackson to reiterate just popular he is, even if he couldn't remember the streamer's name. The news caused Twitter to explode as both "Minecraft" fans and "Minecraft" streamers tried to figure out just who Mackie was referencing.

The mysterious 'British dude' revealed?

There are plenty of theories as to which British "Minecraft" streamer Anthony Mackie's kids are watching. TommyInnit is one of the most popular options, and the streamer himself got in on the action by tweeting, "let me be a crucial part of the MCU please." As of now, the tweet has over 33,000 likes. Either people want to see Tommy in the MCU, or they think he could be who Mackie was talking about.

However, that's not the only theory out there. Some fans have speculated that it could be DanTDM, another popular YouTuber who plays a lot of "Minecraft." So far, Mackie hasn't said anything to confirm who he was actually talking about, or if he ever recalled the streamer's name.

Besides trying to figure out who the streamer is, fans of "Minecraft" and Marvel have created memes and other jokes about what could come from the situation. One hilarious meme is a picture of Mackie looking in through a window, accompanied by the caption, "Anthony Mackie seeing his kids watch 'Minecraft' instead of Marvel."

Since Mackie's kids aren't interested in his acting appearances, some imagined the actor turning to streaming to engage his children. One Twitter user came up with names for hypothetical episodes Mackie could film with whoever the "British dude" was: "Teaching Anthony Mackie How to Play 'Minecraft'" and "Anthony Mackie makes 'Minecraft' 1000% Funnier" were two contenders. Who knows — maybe fans really will see these video titles in the future.