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This Is How Deathloop's Gameplay Mechanics Actually Work

"Deathloop" is a highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda. Originally set to launch in late 2020, "Deathloop" has been delayed twice, and is now scheduled for Sept. 14, 2021. 

The first-person shooter has been described by developers as a "murder puzzle," where players need to figure out how to kill eight targets in a single day. The game takes place in a "Groundhog Day"-style time loop, where the same day repeats endlessly until the game is completed. "Deathloop" also features a rival assassin that is trying to hunt the player down. This rival can also be controlled by another player.

This short description of the game leaves more questions than answers, like is it closer to "Majora's Mask" or "Dead Rising" with a timer, or is it more of a roguelike, where every run leaves you more powerful than the last? Luckily, Arkane realized there was a bit of confusion, so the company released a video breaking down just how "Deathloop" actually works.

Take your time, loop

One of the biggest clarifications the gameplay video gives is that despite being a game based on a time loop, players can restart the loop as many times as they need. Players can take their time to figure out the perfect solution to the puzzle, without worrying about rushing through it. 

It is important to note that later in the video, that the game is seen to have a day/night cycle. While you have unlimited attempts to solve the puzzle, there is still a limited amount of time in each cycle. The time of day effects where each of the eight targets are located and what they are doing. This means that you need to gather good intel on each of them, but it also means you may have the chance to catch some of them together.

The developer also says that you "have a chance to keep your weapons and abilities between loops," so even though each day with completely restart the murder puzzle, you will gain new equipment as you play through new loops. This offers the chance for players to put together new strategies for taking out targets. It also affords the player the opportunity to become more powerful as the game progresses. "Deathloop" will also feature artifacts, which will augment your weapons in interesting and powerful ways and help you become the best time-looping assassin in the biz.