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Xbox's Quick Resume Has One Big Side Effect

Are you enjoying the Xbox X|S Quick Resume feature? Be warned, because it has one strange side effect you may not like. Namely, it will keep the timer that keeps track of your playtime running even when you're not playing, which can completely throw off your stats.

Reddit users have noticed that the use of Quick Resume has resulted in inaccurate playtimes. For instance, one gamer reported a game of "Dragon Quest" that logged 210 hours, although they had only actually put about 80 hours into the game. 

Whether you're the type of gamer who likes to keep track of your playtime down to the minute or you just like referencing it every once in a while, this is a pretty noteworthy drawback, especially for such a unique and highly-touted feature. Though a version of Quick Resume was technically part of the Xbox One, the feature has gone through significant improvements for the Xbox X|S. Players can now suspend and jump between multiple games at once, and progress is even marked when the console is turned off.

On top of that, the Series X has gotten plenty of positive critical reviews, some specifically due to the Quick Resume feature. However, some gamers are concerned about the inconsistency of this feature, as well as the sad truth that it might be slowing the console down. Add this always-on playtime clock issue into the mix and suddenly, Quick Resume still seems a bit glitchy.

The Bright Side

There's still reason to look at the glass half full. According to Kotaku, this issue may not affect all games equally. In fact, there aren't any current reports of this issue negatively impacting next-gen games, so you may be able to use the feature and preserve playtime accuracy if you're sticking to newer titles like "Assassin's Creed Valhalla."

Though Quick Resume has come a long way, playtimes are important to players for all kinds of reasons. Whether it's a matter of trying to beat a game within a certain time, knowing which games you're spending the most hours with, or simply a love for stats, it's makes sense that this side effect could be seen as a big downside for gamers.

Kotaku reached out to Microsoft to find out what was going on and learned that the company is "looking into it." Since Microsoft has patched Quick Resume issues in the past, the hope is that the company will take care of this one, too. Until then, if you're trying to track your playtimes on the Xbox X|S, you might want to do so manually — or refrain from using Quick Resume altogether.