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The Untold Truth Of DNP3

Twitch has no shortage of streamers, with some becoming popular enough to enter into the cultural consciousness. Twitch stars like Ninja, Pokimane, and Valkyrae frequently make headlines, and accrue fans all over the world. Many gamers feel drawn to streamers' personalities, or the wild antics they participate in, but one gamer has been making a name for himself by doing a different sort of activity online: donating money.


DNP3 is a streamer who has built his reputation on generosity. Not much is known about this streamer, who spends his days playing a variety of games on Twitch and chatting with fans. While viewers might not know DNP3's real name or many details about his personal life, they do know one important thing: DNP3 seems to have a kind heart and attempts to focus his content on giving back to the gaming community in whatever way he can. Sometimes, he gifts players money, or rewards them by bringing new followers to their accounts. Other times, he supports the community by hosting events, including a legally binding "Minecraft" wedding.

No matter what he's up to, DNP3 aims to be a supportive member of the gaming world, no matter what form that support takes.


DNP3 started small

DNP3 has earned a reputation for being generous, frequently giving away hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to fans. In most cases where someone gives away huge sums of money, their career didn't start that way. That doesn't appear to be the case with DNP3, who has filled his streaming career with several sweepstakes and promotional giveaways from the very beginning. For him, the joy of streaming was about giving back, and he'd invested enough money elsewhere to make that a reality.


DNP3 revealed that he started donating money in 2018, by first donating to AchilleFPS. After he saw the "joy [that came] from donations," he "decided to start streaming a few months ago to share the joy and the community has been amazing." DNP3 wanted to show the world how much helping others could bring happiness to the world, so he showed streamers' reactions to his donations. By bringing players together to appreciate each other's joy, DNP3 has attempted to foster a sense of community and to bring people together.

In an industry that often thrives on drama and feuds, it's heartwarming to see someone dedicate their streaming career to making other people happy.

DNP3 officiated a Minecraft wedding

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. Many couples had to cancel or postpone their weddings in order to keep others safe. One such couple decided they didn't want to outright cancel their nuptials. Instead, they decided to move it to a venue where everyone could join: the virtual world of "Minecraft."


DNP3 hosted the whole event, showing off his credentials to viewers before moving his avatar to the wedding venue. Things quickly became chaotic as guests began to crowd around DNP3 as he attempted to sign the event's guestbook. After a short announcement, DNP3 organized everyone into a queue, promising to sign everyone in personally.

After a procession, DNP3 performed the ceremony, leading the couple through very real vows. After the bond was sealed, DNP3 announced that there would be dancing and minigames to celebrate the happy couple, and made his way to the dance floor to enjoy the party.

The event was wholesome, with people joining in from all over the world to celebrate and have a good time. The bride looked beautiful, the groom joyous, and the event went off without a hitch — well, except for the two people getting hitched, of course. 


He founded his own cryptocurrency

DNP3 has recently tweeted about a new cryptocurrency he's launching. Similar to BitCoin or DogeCoin, DNP3's crypto is called CluCoin.  "I'm about to release a hyper deflationary coin based on #safemoon protocol within the next week," he said. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy in many ways, and remains somewhat confusing to the general public. However, what is clear is that CluCoin, like many of DNP3's projects, is focused on helping people.


CluCoin's site markets it as a cryptocurrency with a mission. CluCoin's official description reads: "Hyper Deflationary Token with Smart Staking System. Hold, earn and help others in need." 

Each time someone sells their CluCoin, the company saves money to contribute to charity, allowing users to benefit financially while simultaneously donating to others in need. Shareholders also benefit when people sell, incentivizing them to hold onto their coins for as long as possible and reap the investment rewards. With the notion of giving back built into its system, CluCoin is in line what DNP3 aims to do with his streams: creating a community while also being charitable to others.

DNP3 wears many hats

Not only has DNP3 proven to be charitable with money, but he's also open about giving his time to his community. Considering the fact that he works several jobs, that's no small feat. DNP3 sat down with the "Brand Risk" podcast to discuss his experiences online, and revealed that he has several jobs. According to DNP3, he's in the Air National Guard, runs a cyber security and data science team (which he considers his "primary" job), and also finds time to teach computer skills to others. 


DNP3 explained that he'd set aside money for "a long time" while working before finally deciding the time was right to get into streaming. His nephews encouraged him to play "Fortnite," and the rest was history.

In addition to streaming, giving away money online, working several jobs, and developing his own cryptocurrency system, DNP3 also founded Grid Stream Team, a streaming collective that plays a variety of games. All of the streamers welcomed into the Grid Stream Team appear to focus on growing their audiences while fostering positivity in the online gaming realm, which the internet can always use more of.