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Overwatch 2 Just Made A Major Change To Its Multiplayer

For anyone who was concerned that Blizzard would never get around to releasing "Overwatch 2," the latest news should serve as a very reassuring update. Not only is development continuing on the title, but Blizzard has announced a huge change coming to multiplayer matches: rather than the 6v6 matches fans have come to know and love, "Overwatch 2" will feature 5v5 battles.


Now that gamers now have a small glimpse into what multiplayer matches will look like, you may be wondering: how are fans responding? After gaming insider Rod Breslau shared the news on Twitter, fans began to way in on the concept.

"Fortnite" content creator Shiina tweeted, "At first glance, I'm not a fan of it. I always thought 6v6 felt perfect, but I'll wait until we can test it for ourselves before making my final decision on what I think." Someone responded to this comment, noting that the change was made "just to make queue times lower because nobody wants to play tank." Another user called it "a good chance," and felt that ditching the tank was a wise decision. Although many believe this will either remove the tank entirely or put it at a severe disadvantage, one user argued that "tanks will probably be stronger than ever."


Whatever the case may be, fans seem to be split on the new numbers. Either way, this is going to be a notable difference between "Overwatch" and "Overwatch 2."

Fans are still waiting for an Overwatch 2 release date

Early in the year, Blizzard fans were disappointed to learn that "Overwatch 2" did not yet have a set release date. There was even more uncertainty following series director Jeff Kaplan's exit from Blizzard, though fans were supportive of his departure.


It wasn't long before Aaron Keller, the new director of "Overwatch 2," came in to share his plans for the upcoming installment. Even though it still might be a while before you get to play a sequel, Keller promised to speed up the game's development, meaning fans may start seeing an increase in updates like the one from Breslau.

While it's possible that "Overwatch 2" could change the series forever, there are still a lot of unknowns. Will there be a battle pass? What will the new PvE modes look like? And now that the sequel will offer 5v5 matches, will this affect compatibility? As one Twitter user commented, "I thought OW 1 players can still play competitive with OW 2 players? Will OW 1 also change completely?"


Fans may just have to sit tight for a little while longer and enjoy the current "Overwatch." In the meantime, stay tuned for more "Overwatch 2" news.