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This Compact Series X Controller Costs $50. Is It Worth It?

The video game controller market can be a fickle thing. Gamers are always looking out for a new controller that will fit their desired aesthetics, as well as give them an edge against their virtual enemies. Although Microsoft has finally given gamers some new color options for Xbox Series X|S controllers, there's always room for improvement. That's why NACON has stepped in to launch the new RIG PRO Compact controller

As detailed by NACON, the PRO Compact controller is "15% smaller" than the standard Series X controller, and it has been designed with comfort in mind. More than that, this controller is intended to be an all-in-one package, provided an intuitive and customizable gaming experience, as well as an opportunity to hear your games as they were meant to be heard.

"RIG has dominated the headset space for years, now it's time for controllers," reads the product description on RIG Gaming's YouTube channel. It continues, "With unparalleled levels of customisation via the dedicated PRO Compact app, gamers have complete control of their performance in the palm of their hands." 

The RIG PRO retails for right $49.90, which is 10 bucks less than the standard Xbox Series X|S wireless controllers. So the question is: is it worth the price?

What sets the RIG PRO controller apart?

After its size, one of the first things you'll notice about this controller is that it is not wireless, which may come as a shock to many Series X|S players. Sure, Xbox gamers have more or less come to terms with the disappointing fact that their consoles of choice are apparently going to always use AA batteries, but wired controllers definitely feel like something from an older console generation.

Even with that unfortunate attachment, the RIG PRO is looking mighty impressive. Easily the most exciting aspect of the RIG PRO Xbox controller is the fact that it supports Dolby Atmos surround sound for headphones. If you're the kind of gamer who likes to take full advantage of 3D audio, then downloading the Dolby Atmos app and plugging a pair of headphones into the RIG PRO's 3.5mm jack will provide an experience that's right up your alley.

Aside from that, the buttons on the controller are fully customizable. By downloading the Pro Compact app from the Microsoft Store, you can map the controller's buttons to your specifications. The app will also allow you to tweak other aspects of the controller, including the sensitivity of the triggers. Yes, that means that you'll need a few different apps to get the most out of this controller, but the trade-off is a high-quality experience that is tailored specifically to your liking.