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Humble Freedom Bundle Raises Over $3 Million For Charity

In just over 24 hours, the Humble Freedom Bundle, a collection of games from the industry's top independent developers, has raised over $3 million dollars for charities devoted to defending immigrants' and refugees' rights—and there's no sign that sales will slow down anytime soon.

For $30, Humble Freedom Bundle buyers receive a pack of over 45 games and ebooks, including Jonathan Blow's devious puzzle game, The Witness, last year's big indie hit, Stardew Valley, and the turn-based espionage thriller Invisible, Inc. Other notable titles include perennial platforming favorites Super Meat Boy and Guacamelee, comedy games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch and The Stanley Parable, and the remastered edition of Tim Schafer's classic point-and-click adventure, Day of the Tentacle. All games work on Windows machines, while a number will also run on Mac and Linux computers.


In short, not only is the Humble Freedom Bundle is one of the best gaming deals of all time, but it's also a boon to some major charities. One hundred percent of the revenue generated by the Humble Freedom Bundle will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. Humble Bundle matched every donation up to $300,000, but that goal was reached in a matter of hours—with almost six days left on the market and purchases still rolling in, it's not clear exactly where the ceiling is. Expect the final take to be very, very large.

In an statement to Polygon, Humble Bundle founder Jeffrey Rosen explained that the Humble Freedom Bundle is a direct reaction to the current wave of nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment currently spreading throughout Europe and the United States. Rosen calls out President Donald Trump's immigration ban, which temporarily suspended America's refugee program and denied entry to citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, as the specific inspiration behind the bundle.


"We stand together in dismay over Trump's recent immigration ban. We find it to be un-American and damaging to global businesses like ours," Rosen says, while explaining why the Humble chose to make the ACLU one of the bundle's beneficiaries. Similarly, Rosen said, Humble decided to work with Doctors Without Borders because "Trump's travel ban prevents millions of people from fleeing war zones and seeking refuge in the United States," and Doctors Without Borders will "directly offer critical care to those in need."

The Humble Freedom Bundle isn't the first time that the gaming community has come together to work for a good cause, of course. Twice a year, the Games Done Quick organization holds events that benefit Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation (and which feature some pretty amazing speed-runs), while the annual Desert Bus for Hope marathon regularly raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for Child's Play, an organization that provides gaming equipment to children's hospitals around the world.