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Life Of Delta - What We Know So Far

Adventure games are always a treat to come by — whether you enjoy the relaxing gameplay or the typically deep storylines, they can be some of the most relaxing games. 2021 has had some great adventure titles already, and there's a new one that may rise through the ratings. "Life of Delta" is an upcoming point-and-click adventure title that's set in a world full of robots and mutated lizards.


The game is being developed by Airo Games, a new developing group from Slovakia. According to the group's YouTube page, the company has "a flair for everything that has to do with science fiction and storytelling." They also mention that they're a group of young people who have a passion for gaming, similar to the extremely popular developer of "Genshin Impact," miHoYo

"Life of Delta" has a lot of interest after being shown off in the Future Games Show by its publisher, Daedalic Entertainment, which is also publishing games like "The Lord of the Rings: Gollum." Everyone's interested in the life of the little robot named Delta, but no one knows when he'll be available to play.

What is Life of Delta's release date?

There isn't currently a release date for "Life of Delta." The announcement trailer was released on March 25, 2021, and the gameplay trailer was released on March 26, 2021.

However, the game has been in production for a while. Airo Games released test videos back in 2017, and in October 2020, they released the first official trailer. However, there were some changes made in the announcement trailer, which was released after Daedalic Entertainment joined the project. 


While there's not an official release date, the game's trailers make it look like it's pretty far into production. On Steam, Daedalic Entertainment has a list of upcoming games. "Life of Delta" doesn't have a year like most of the other games from the developer do, but it falls right in the middle of the other 2021 releases. It's possible the game will come out before 2022.

What's in the trailer for Life of Delta?

An announcement trailer for "Life of Delta" gave fans a lot to look forward to in less than two minutes.

The trailer opens up with an explanation that the player is an "unlikely hero" in a post-apocalyptic world. Said post-apocalyptic world is rich in colors and shows off the theme well. There were several robots wandering around as well, and they each look unique and just as colorful as the world around them.


Other parts of the trailer show that players play as a small robot named Delta. The little robot is seen walking through towns, riding other animal-like creatures, and meeting new robots as it adventures. 

Though "Life of Delta" is set in a post-apocalyptic world, the trailer makes the game seem vibrant and even full of hope as Delta wanders around various places. This seems to be a theme for the game — according to Airo Games, Delta is a service robot, so helping others along the journey would make even a post-apocalyptic world feel joyous.

What's the gameplay like in Life of Delta?

Airo Games has created a 10-minute gameplay trailer for "Life of Delta," so there are a lot of story details that fans already know! The post-apocalyptic world came about after a nuclear war that destroyed the human race, leaving robots and "lizard mutants" in charge.


Delta, the player's robot, was saved by another robot, Joe — which broke the mutant lizards' law. After Joe is discovered and arrested, Delta is on a quest to find and free his savior. The gameplay trailer went on to say that the game relies on the player to observe and interact with the world around them in order to progress — a true point-and-click adventure game. 

As you might expect, there was also a lot of gameplay shown off in the trailer, including puzzle aspects as part of a building system in the game. However, the puzzles shown were pretty simple, and since "Life of Delta" is a point-and-click adventure game, they shouldn't be too difficult to get through.