Destiny Update Launched, Patch Notes Revealed

American developer Bungie just rolled out the latest update to its popular FPS title Destiny. The hotfix update is live now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and there are a ton of detailed patch notes to take a look at.

During a livestream earlier last week, Bungie gave a few hints as to what would come included in the patch and offered up previews of key elements like ability and weapon balances. The update's notes dive into much greater detail to explain tweaks to various weapons. Update Brings quite a few nerfs to the game's shotguns: precision damage capabilities are knocked back, accuracy mid-air is turned down, and hip-firing is noticeably less magnetic.

Other changes are seen in auto, pulse, and scout rifles, as well as hand cannons and two Exotic weapons. Both the rocket launcher Truth and the sword Young Wolf's Howl receive some alterations; the former's magazine size is decreased from three to one, and the latter's Column 3 upgrade Howling Flames will now only cost five ammo rather than 10. Players will also see tweaks in actual gameplay. Crucible matches can now be started with Special Weapon ammo and Elimination mode rounds are cut down from two minutes to just 90 seconds.

Amongst the adjustments in Destiny's latest update came one noteworthy accident. The Hungering Blade perk received a few changes, like automatic health regeneration, and some of these were unintentionally added to other perks like Red Death, Titan's Transfusion, and Warlock's Lifesteal.

Sandbox designer Josh Hamrick addressed the hiccup in a Bungie forum post. "Over the last couple of days, as we continued to test the patch, it came to our attention that the changes we made to Hungering Blade were unintentionally shared among a number of additional elements," Hamrick stated. "While we considered delaying the hotfix to remove the shared change, we ultimately decided to live with the patch we'd made and tested."

Hamrick also said that over the next few weeks, Bungie will be monitoring feedback on the patch to see what changes may need to be made in the future. "Over the next couple of weeks, we will be diligently watching and listening to what you have to say about these changes," he announced. "We are honestly super interested to see how these changes, intended or not, play out. We will be relying on you to give us your feedback as you grow accustomed to the feel of the game over the next couple of weeks."

Despite this minor slip, the new Destiny update delivers a ton of interesting upgrades, nerfs, and adjustments. Check out the full patch notes on Bungie's website, and read up on some of the... less happy accidents that happened in video games.