Hot Tub Meta Creator Fires Back At Accusations

The ongoing debate surrounding Twitch's "hot tub meta," in which streamers go live while lounging in a hot tub or pool, has reached a new height. One of the main creators of the controversial meta, xoAeriel, has responded to some harsh words from fellow Twitch streamer QTCinderella, who feels that the meta has no place on Twitch.


During a recent stream, QTCinderella explained that she has seen an uptick in inappropriate chat comments since the hot tub trend kicked off. Dexerto reports that a viewer requested racy content while QTCinderella was in the middle of a Just Chatting stream, which is what finally set her off.

She reportedly told the viewer that it was sexist to expect such content from her and not from a male streamer. Then she explained, "Just because some female streamers do things really sets other ... female streamers up for bulls**t. And it f**king pisses me off."

She explained to her fans that she was all in favor of people "getting that bread" with that type of content, but that she didn't want to see it happening on Twitch. "Because it makes my life miserable," QT said bluntly. She reiterated that she's frustrated by the fact that people keep seeing hot tub streams and other spicy content elsewhere on Twitch, and then many of them come over to her channel and expect the same kind of show.


News of QTCinderella's comments eventually reached xoAeriel, one of the first streamers to gain significant traction with the hot tub meta.

xoAeriel responds to QTCinderella

In a clip that has since been deleted (via Dexerto), xoAeriel responded to QTCinderella's claims regarding the unrealistic expectations and sexism she's seen resulting from hot tub streams. While Aeriel conceded that QT made plenty of good points, she did not agree with all of the conclusions drawn in QT's stream.


"While I agree with her to some extent, i.e., men over-sexualizing the women on the platform and just overall being sexist, I don't agree that we the females are to blame for this," said xoAeriel. She added that she has never violated Twitch's terms of service, and doesn't think that rule-abiding streamers should have to leave the platform over the hot tub meta.

The streamer also expressed her surprise and disappointment at QTCinderella's comments, reportedly saying, "I started the hot tub stream meta. I was the first to do it. I knew what I was signing up for. I knew I was going to be a target for hate. But not from other female streamers."

The debate over hot tub streams is unlikely to die down any time soon. However, Twitch has recently introduced a specific "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches" for this kind of content, as well as implemented new rules regarding what streamers can and cannot do on their channels. For the time being, it appears as though the controversial meta is here to stay.