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The Hot Tub Meta Might Have An Adorable New Champion

Twitch has been having an ongoing internal debate about hot tub streams, where streamers broadcast from hot tubs, where bathing suits are contextually appropriate. This loophole allowed streamers like Amouranth to chat with fans while wearing a bikini, but some viewers found the hot tub meta inappropriate. Now, there's a Twitch stream where the streamers swim completely naked.

It's okay ... because they're otters. The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver set up a Twitch stream where viewers can get a bird's eye view of the otter exhibit. It's oddly soothing to watch the otters swim, play, and sleep, just living their best otter lives.

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre takes in between 150 and 180 animals a year, according to its Twitch bio. The team works to save animals that might not make it on their own in the wild and has graciously allowed Twitch viewers to get a peek at their fuzziest residents. The minds behind the stream have even adapted common Twitch language, titling the stream "Chill with Rescued Sea Otters," commenting that they have new toys, the "thiccest fur," and the "hottest #1 cold tub." Notably, the Marine Mammal Rescue center streams under the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category on Twitch.

Otters have entered the hot tub meta

The stream is a playful take on the hot tub meta controversy, and it's drawing in views. As of this writing, the stream has over 2,000 happy viewers, all commenting on the otters in chat and praising their roundness, furriness, and overall adorableness. There is good left on the internet.

The drama surrounding Twitch and the hot tub meta continues to grow more complicated as time goes on. After Twitch demonetized Amouranth for streaming in swimwear, the popular streamer had to battle the number of clones that moved into the vacuum left in her absence.

Even though the new Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category is less than a month old, Twitch has set to work to create rules and guidance for those who wish to stream in the water. Navigating the open waters of hot tub streaming might prove difficult for streamers, especially considering the strict rules of contextual circumstances and bathing suits, but for many, the payoff is worth it. Twitch promised to communicate more clearly with creators in the future, giving everyone a chance to get in on that sweet, sweet hot tub action without getting banned.

One thing's for sure: The otters are here to stay and are definitely within community guidelines.