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This Is How Long It Takes To Beat Vampyr

"Vampyr" is an intriguing title for gamers who enjoy the darker side of things coupled with character-driven gameplay. Though it's not as big of a vampire RPG as "Code Vein," it's definitely worth checking out. Before you decide whether or not the blood-sucking adventure that is "Vampyr" is for you, learn how long it takes to complete.


Though it's not the longest game of all time, "Vampyr" boasts strong reviews. SVG included it in a list of the best RPGs of 2018 thanks to its compelling psychological elements that make it a smooth fusion of brains and brawn. Through the main character, Jonathan Reid, a former doctor turned vampire in World War I London, players have to make tough calls on whether to let their bloodlust overtake them (via Vice). 

IGN found "Vampyr" refreshing given its novel take on traditional vampire mythology, and the outlet's review gave the game a strong 7/10. Polygon praised the game for its complexity and in-depth story, even though it has its unpolished aspects as well.

This is how long it takes to beat 'Vampyr'

Now that you know why "Vampyr" may be worth your time, here's how much of it you'll need to budget, keeping in mind that all players are unique and most expert estimates are developed by elite gamers.

According to GameRevolution, "Vampyr" will keep you busy for 12-20 hours if you go through without following any side content. Add that in the mix and you're looking at 25-30. If you go for full completion and get to know all the NPCs, the game may take upwards of 50 hours.


HowLongToBeat's crowdsourced data estimates 16.5 hours for the main story, 28.5 with the addition of side content, and 40.5 for completionist players. Estimates from PushSquare are similar, clocking in at 15-18 hours for a linear playthrough and 28 for a full, complete playthrough.

Taking all that into consideration, "Vampyr" will definitely keep you occupied for at least a few multi-hour gaming sessions, if not much longer. To get in the spirit of the game, check out some of the best TV vampires and how they stack up against each other.