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This Looks An Awful Lot Like A P.T. Clone

For many fans of survival horror games, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro's ill-fated "P.T." will always be the one that got away. The intended reboot of the "Silent Hill" franchise was cancelled after Kojima and Konami's contentious split, leaving gamers to wonder what could have been. Now, a new teaser trailer for a game called "Luto" has arrived, seemingly taking a hefty amount of inspiration from "P.T."  


The trailer for "Luto" is exceptionally moody, and the similarities to "P.T." will be immediately noticeable for gamers who have played through Kojima's brief masterpiece. Much like "P.T.," the majority of this teaser takes place in a series of hallways that seem to go on far longer than necessary. As the camera slowly makes its way through a long hallway, audio plays of an interview discussing the effects of depression, and how it can feel like Hell. The audio becomes progressively more distorted and unsettling, then cuts out entirely. As the sound of a ticking clock is heard, the player's search through the house becomes more frantic, ultimately culminating in a title reveal.

While this trailer doesn't really tell gamers much of anything about what "Luto" has in store, it definitely piles on the atmosphere and dread. Fans of "P.T." and the original "Silent Hill" games will probably find a lot to like (and fear) about the tone set in this teaser.


So what is Luto about?

Hardly anything is known yet about the plot of "Luto," but developer Broken Bird Games has released a fascinating logline for the game (via Gematsu). It reads: "Your mind can be a prison. Filled with your worst memories, this prison looks like a maze whose escape looks like an impossible task. 'Luto' is a narrative adventure that tries to reflect on themes such as depression and anxiety in the darkest of settings."


Judging from that brief description, it sounds as though the demons that players face in "Luto" may be of their own making, rather than traditional hauntings. Psychological horror is something that the "Silent Hill" series also excelled at, so the concepts at play here are likely to sound pretty enticing for fans of that classic series.

According to Gematsu, "Luto" will be released for PlayStation and PC. No release date has been set and it's unclear if "Luto" will launch for both the PS4 and PS5, but horror hounds should hopefully get more details in the near future.