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Far Cry 6 Is Cutting This Fan Favorite Feature

Ubisoft recently revealed gameplay footage of "Far Cry 6," the latest entry in its long-running open-world series, and from its breathtaking Carribean setting to its creative firearms and cast of quirky characters, the action-packed franchise has never looked so killer. But, while these brief glimpses have surely whetted fans' corrupt government-overthrowing appetites, a recent AMA with the game's developers has shed a bit more light on the title — and not all of it is good news. Specifically, the "Far Cry 6" devs have removed a long-time feature from the latest entry: Arcade mode and its accompanying map editor.

The June 1 AMA in question saw one Redditor ask the devs if the map editor would be returning to "Far Cry 6," as they claimed that it was their favorite aspect of the previous games. Unfortunately, game director Alexandre Letendre admitted, "No, Arcade will not come back." The "Far Cry" dev added, "Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution."

The Redditor seemed to take this disappointing answer in stride, thanking the devs for their response and joking that they were "gonna be sad in a corner now." This is a sentiment that many long-time "Far Cry" fans might share after learning that Arcade — a mode that's appeared in every entry since "Far Cry 2" — has been cut from the upcoming title.

The lead-up to Far Cry 6 has been rocky

For many fans, the removal of Arcade Mode is just the latest bump in what has been a rocky lead-up to the release of "Far Cry 6."

First, the title, release date, and cover art for "Far Cry 6" were leaked on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store in June of last year. While the listing was quickly removed, news outlets and fans had a field day with the leak.

Also causing some controversy is the game's political bent — or its lack thereof, according to TheGamer. Despite the game's setting, a Carribean country undergoing a political revolution, devs were quick to dismiss notions that "Far Cry 6" had any sort of political agenda, leading to confusion among gamers. After all, the devs consulted actual guerilla freedom fighters who had taken part in revolutions in order to lend a sense of reality to the game's narrative. Still, according to TheGamer, narrative director Navid Khavari has claimed that the new game "doesn't want to make a political statement about what's happening in Cuba specifically," despite the fact that its setting of Yara appears to be heavily inspired by the real life nation.

Gamers will just have to wait and see if Khavari's claims ring true when "Far Cry 6" releases on October 7. Based on fan reactions to Ubisoft's "Far Cry 6" gameplay reveal and its devs' June 1 Reddit AMA, gamers everywhere have hopped onto the hype train in anticipation of what's sure to be a wild Arcade-less ride.