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Why We're Worried About The Day Before

"The Day Before” is an upcoming MMO survival game, being developed by Fntastic and published by MyTona. The game is coming to PC via Steam sometime in 2021 and the trailer for the game has people both excited and concerned about the upcoming title. The trailer shows off the third-person game play for the survival game, running at both a high fidelity and a high frame rate. The game is based in America, after a pandemic causes most of the population to turn into flesh-eating monsters, with the remaining humans fighting over resources to survive.


Fntastic is best known for "Dead Dozen," a co-op game that was killed before it made it out of early access (via WorthPlaying). MyTona doesn't exactly have a stellar resume either, with four mobile-only titles to its credit, and their next release being "The Day Before." The quality of gameplay from the trailer doesn't seem to match up with the pedigree of talent behind it, leaving some potential buyers asking questions.

How legit is the trailer?

Over on Reddit, the announcement trailer for "The Day Before" gained some traction in the games subreddit, however it was met with a ton of skepticism. u/Techboah wrote "A small, unknown russian devteam who's only history is one failed coop game... showing a trailer for an MMO that looks like it has AAA production values." They went on to say that this trailer and the team behind it are one big red flag, especially for a game that looks incredibly similar in play style to "The Division 2." 


u/mengplex wrote "'Open world MMO' according to the devs – and they've only put out two small indie games so far. Looks really promising tbh, but not particularly optimistic they can pull this off." The majority of comments echoed a similar sentiment, that the game seems promising, but the team behind it doesn't seem capable of backing up that promise. While the game should be releasing sometime this year, people will have to wait and see if "The Day Before" can deliver on its gorgeous trailer.