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The Strange Way The New Resident Evil Games Are Connected

If you're a fan of the "Resident Evil" games and have played most of the major installments in the series (if not all of them), you're probably well aware that a lot has changed over the years. Of course, there will always be a few consistent elements throughout the franchise, but not all of them will be abundantly obvious.

Over on Reddit, u/amjoshuaf noted something interesting throughout "Resident Evil" and shared it with others on the popular forum. In the post, they wrote, "Anyone ever notice this statue finds its way into many Resident Evil games? It seems to be the water bearer, the symbol for Aquarius." The observation is accompanied by a slideshow of screenshots taken from various "Resident Evil" titles, and each one appears to include an artistic rendition (mostly statues) of a woman carrying some form of large water pitcher. This sighting sparked an interesting conversation on the thread.

One user confirmed that "'Resident Evil' has a lot of references to Greek and Roman mythology peppered throughout its history." To this, u/amjoshuaf responded, "I have noticed a lot of the Greek references, but what intrigues me about this one, is the reason why the developers have favoured Aquarius over the other eleven signs of the zodiac." Continuing the conversation, another user brought up a puzzle in "Resident Evil 2" that involves a similar statue.

The mystery of the Resident Evil statue

Naturally, the meaning of this recurring statue is up for interpretation; someone in the thread wrote: "Water = Life. Life surrounded by death," which seems to be an appropriate connection; perhaps the statue represents the player's quest. Game Rant's Mason Sansonia also had an interesting theory, which is that "Aquarius represents Umbrella itself," and that it also "represents the outpouring of knowledge and life, like Umbrella was supposed to do."

While the true meaning may remain a mystery, it's details like this that add texture to beloved game franchises. Rumors and speculation keep gaming communities vibrant and active. Recently, a free-camera mod revealed something unusual in "Resident Evil Village," which led to numerous theories and changed everyone's perspective on protagonist Ethan Winters.

There are many games in the franchise, each packed with tons of details that could be holding mysteries fans have yet to discuss. Perhaps later in the series, the truth behind the apparent Aquarius symbolism will be revealed. In the meantime, there are plenty of other creepy things you can find as you make your way through "Resident Evil Village."