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What Fortnite Fans Really Think These UFOs Mean

"Fortnite" is one of the most popular battle royale games out there, and it's infamous for teasing its fans with new content. Recently, UFOs have been added into the game, and players are going crazy over the possibilities.


The alien crafts, which are surprisingly benevolent according to Forbes, teleport players to another part of the map with full shields and full health. They seemingly come out of nowhere and suck players up into the sky — and it's pretty hilarious to watch.

Of course, there are plenty of theories regarding the purpose of the UFOs, and they mostly have to do with an incoming update. New themes come to "Fortnite" pretty regularly when seasons change, and Season 7 is right around the corner. Adding to the hype is a recently-leaked teaser trailer, which seemingly cemented the aliens' role in the new season. HYPEX, a Twitter account dedicated to "Fortnite" leaks and news, tweeted the six second video.


The video simply features a date and two words: "They're Coming" and June 8, 2021. Considering the ominous words, spooky background noises, and beam of light shown in the clip, the message is clearly about aliens. What are the odds of an alien-related leak and aliens appearing on the map on the same day, shortly before the new season launches?

There could be an entire UFO coming to 'Fortnite'

Fans are pretty dead-set on the idea that aliens are going to make a bigger appearance in Season 7, but some gamers think it might not play out the way you'd expect.

@FortTory, another "Fortnite" news and leaks account, pointed out that the background to the leaked teaser looks suspiciously like the inside of a UFO. Several other users commented that it could be some type of "mothership," furthering the idea that a whole new area of the map could be coming. Perhaps players will have to actually infiltrate a spaceship in the new season.


It's no secret that "Fortnite" places a big emphasis on its map — it's one of the main ways in which the game has told its story over time. This could be the start of an entirely new chapter for the battle royale, one that's pretty different from everything that's come before.

Basically, with plenty of new gear and out of this world updates to be excited about it's an exciting time to be a "Fortnite" player.