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The Real Reason FaZe Cizzorz Has Gone 'MIA'

FaZe Clan member John "Cizzorz" Cizek has been pretty quiet for a few months now, and fans have been wondering where he could be. Aside from a few updates and hints at a return to gaming, he's been awfully quiet since November of last year. 


On June 2, he updated fans via Twitter: "I've been struggling [with a] severe lack of motivation, or energy these days. Been stuck in this rut for awhile now, also feel guilty for going MIA, sorry everyone." Unfortunately, the streamer has run into a number of issues in the past year that have impacted his overall well-being, which necessitated a break from the public eye.

On November 9, 2020, Cizzorz tweeted that he had been banned from Twitch. This particular ban seemingly came out of nowhere, and the content creator hasn't streamed on the platform since. While fans and other creators alike were baffled, including Neekolul (who responded with "big oof"), it's still a mystery as to what actually happened. As reported by Upcomer, some fans assumed that Cizzorz was one of many content creators hit with a DMCA complaint, but no one seems to know for sure. 


In March 2021, however, Cizzorz gave fans an update on his life, which shed some light on the struggles he would later refer to in his June 2 tweet.

FaZe Cizzorz gives an update

The six-minute video that fans got in March contained a great deal of information regarding what Cizzorz's life has looked like since his Twitch ban. He confirmed that he is still part of FaZe Clan, but he has left the mansion shared by the group. In addition to the stresses of moving back home to Minnesota, he mentioned that furnishing an apartment would keep him busy for a little bit. Cizzorz also explained that, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he's struggled with his mental health. Additionally, he revealed that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, adding even more stress and uncertainty to his life.


All was not gloomy, however. In the update, Cizzorz mentioned that he was excited to live alone, as it helps to keep him productive. At the time, he shared his plans to upload videos multiple times a week. However, he hasn't posted anything on YouTube since then.

He hasn't been forgotten by fans, however. Twitter users were quick to offer support and kind words in response to his most recent update. The pandemic hasn't made things easy for a lot of people, and Cizzorz has had a lot of emotional stress piled on top of it. Hopefully, fans will see his return to streaming or gameplay videos after the content creator has worked through everything on his plate.