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Overwatch's Newest Hero Won't Be Who Fans Think It Is

As one of the hottest gaming commodities to hit players' PCs and consoles in the past few years, Overwatch takes its dedicated fan-base, high-energy events, and character-balancing updates seriously in order to bring players a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. But what's perhaps one of the biggest and most central aspects of the Blizzard team-based shooter title is its (23 and counting) heroes.


So when rumors of a new character began circulating, fans went wild, and the general consensus has players believing the heavy-handed Doomfist will join the rest of the roster. Unfortunately, Overwatch game director and Blizzard Entertainment VP Jeff Kaplan doesn't think so.

In an Overwatch forum over on the Battle.net website, fans questioned Kaplan about exactly who they'll get to see next in the game, likely hoping he would confirm Doomfist's inclusion. However, Kaplan dropped a bombshell more powerful than Junkrat's bounce grenades: "24 isn't who you think it is." This, of course, is in reference to the game's yet-to-be-released 24th hero.

Kaplan's response left many fans questioning the real identity hero 24. In the game's official cinematic trailer, unveiled way back when in 2014, a ton of characters were teased, many of which haven't yet been officially shown off or discussed. It does, however, seem a bit odd (as many fans have already begun stating) that Doomfist isn't the next hero, given the slew of evidence of and news stories relating to the mysterious character. Actor Terry Crews teased his involvement with Overwatch on Twitter, even visiting the Blizzard studios and doing a mock audition for the voice of Doomfist. The official game photo below features Zenyatta-like Omnic heroes and a handful hidden in the background, so it seems it's really anyone's guess who 24 might be.


Regardless if Doomfist or some yet-unnamed character turns out to be hero 24, any fan, seasoned or just starting out, will definitely want to know the common mistakes to be wary of when taking the new hero out to battle. Read up on the things to avoid doing in Overwatch.