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You Can Now Play Doom On Your Porsche 911

This is either a brilliant idea or a terrible idea. Either way, an enterprising Doom fan has gotten id Software's seminal first-person shooter running on his Porsche 911's dashboard, and he's hooked the game's controls up to the car's steering wheel, gear shifter, horn, and accelerator. In other words? Now, not only can you enjoy Doom in your car, but in order to play you'll have to drive like an absolute maniac.


The fan, who goes by Vexal on YouTube, uploaded a video outlining the surprisingly simple installation process, probably to ensure that he won't be the only person involved in Doom-related traffic collisions. All that Porsche owners need to turn their 911s into portable Doom machines are a USB drive and a copy of the installation file. Just name the file after your Porsche's VIN, insert the drive in the car, power everything up, select Doom from the menu, and please don't forget to drive safely.

Vexal's video includes a live demonstration of the vehicular Doom in action, which he promises was shot on private property, away from other traffic. Given the obvious safety concerns (not to mention the Porsche 911's $89,400 base price, which would make for one very expensive accident), that's probably for the best.


The past year or so has been a big one for the Doom franchise, which began all the way back in 1993. Last May, Bethesda and id Software rebooted the franchise with a fast and brutal shooter that mixed the original game's gory graphics and frenetic pace with more modern gameplay design. The revival went over very, very well—Doom scored a number of game-of-the-year awards, and is one of the very best games available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.