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Nintendo Switch Account IDs Now Available

Crack your knuckles, ready your web browser, and think of the very best (or quirkiest, or funniest) take on your name, because you can now claim your Nintendo Account User ID for the Nintendo Switch. And you'd be wise to do it quickly, lest someone else out there in the world snatches up "CoolDude411."


Revealed over on the landing page for Nintendo's accounts system, any Nintendo user can create a new account before the Switch launches on March 3. Included on the newly-refreshed page is additional functionality, put in place to gear up for the bound-to-be-booming console release, and the separate Nintendo Account ID interface.

Signing up for and securing a Nintendo Account ID is simple: just log into Nintendo's accounts system and assign yourself an ID that feels right (as long as it's at least six characters in length). Unlike some username interfaces that allow for duplicates, such as Overwatch's system that utilizes an ID followed by a unique Battle.net player tag, no repeats are allowed with Nintendo Account IDs. That's why it's super important to get into the system as quickly as possible if you're really gunning for one particular username, or if you find a deep satisfaction in having all your social channels' handles match. (We know we do!)


What's important for players to note here is that though they may think they already have an ID with Nintendo, it's more than likely a Nintendo Network ID or Nickname instead, usernames that are fundamentally different than the Account ID. A player's Nintendo Nickname is what they are referred to as by all Nintendo services, and is generally their first name or, fittingly, a nickname. The Nintendo Network ID works with the WiiU and the 3DS, as well as the connected eShop and Miiverse, where your traditional account is your email and password used to enter Nintendo's library of services. Though no explanation has been given as to why there's a separate ID for Switch buyers, some believe they may be replacing Nintendo Network IDs altogether.

Locking in a Nintendo Account ID brings you one step closer to having the newest console in your hands, so get to it! Once you're finished, check out the Nintendo Switch games that will take your breath away this year.