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The Forgotten Valve Game That Almost Had Its Own Adult Swim Series

It's rare to find games based on TV shows that don't suck. The same could be said for shows based on games as well. While nostalgia may give these television programs a bit of a rosy glow, the truth is that it's hard to translate a video game to screen. Regardless, fans are always eager to see their favorite franchises adapted to other storytelling formats. There are plenty of video games that deserve movie and TV show adaptations in the eyes of gamers, so production companies will keep delivering. After all, the "Castlevania" series that came to Netflix was a hit, proving that such adaptations can be successful. 


Would you believe there was a popular Valve title that almost became a series on Adult Swim? It may be hard to imagine a Valve show airing on the same network that's known for strange hit comedies like "Rick and Morty" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," but such a collaboration was in the works. Which game was it, you may wonder? Read on to find out!

Even the medic couldn't save this Adult Swim series

In 2012, there was speculation floating around over an ambiguous Valve collaboration with Adult Swim involving "Team Fortress." Writing for Polygon, Michael McWhertor suspected it was a TV spin-off, and so did Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef. As Matulef wrote in an update, however, it was simply an in-game hat. That wasn't the end of it, though.


Adult Swim later aired a commercial that was essentially "Venture Bros." meets "Team Fortress 2." It turns out that McWhertor and Matulef were correct in their assumptions, but sadly, the series never came to be.

According to a video produced by Tyler McVicker, the show was in development from 2012 to 2013, but because of "Valve's inability to work with third parties, meet deadlines, and have adverse reactions to limits and guidelines," the project lagged. Unfortunately, because the two companies were having compatibility issues and Valve failed to follow directions and deliver content on time, Adult Swim decided to terminate the project.

While the TV series may have fallen through, at the very least, "Team Fortress 2" did make it to Adult Swim through "Robot Chicken."