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How Long Does It Take To Beat Final Fantasy 9?

Released for the original PlayStation consoleĀ (via GameRant) back in 2000, "Final Fantasy 9" has an enduring legacy and rich, satisfying gameplay, so much so that one hidden detail took gamers 13 years to find. Like many RPGs, this game is pretty time-consuming, so before you decide if it's worth adding to your list, you'll want to know how much time it will take you to finish it.


"Final Fantasy 9" is well-loved by fans and critics alike, boasting the highest Metacritic rating of the franchise at 94. The game features a rich, fantastical story, plenty of exciting lands to explore, and dynamic combat. Though the game's ending is one of the most controversial of all time, it's a testament to the many surprises along the way. Fans of romance will appreciate the love story of "Final Fantasy 9," which flips the classic rom-com meet-cute on its head.

One important note: before you get the details on how long it takes to beat "Final Fantasy 9," keep in mind that many times are submitted by intense gamers who are quicker than the average person. Especially since this game is quite lengthy and complex, which is part of its appeal, gamers will want to approach the estimates with their individual experience and playstyle in mind.


How long Final Fantasy 9 takes to beat

Now, for the big reveal: According to GameRant, "Final Fantasy 9" takes about 40 hours to beat. HowLongToBeat's crowdsourced data revealed a similar 39.5-hour average for beating the main story. Completing some extras will bring that time up to 54 hours, while full game completionists should budget about 82.5 hours. Another crowdsourced data outlet, TrueAchievements, reveals that about 60 to 80 hours are needed for full game completion on average.


And there you have it! While 40 to 80 hours will certainly keep you busy for a while, this is actually a short amount of time for a "Final Fantasy" game. Estimates from GameRant for all of the main games in the franchise demonstrate the wide range of playtimes, with the original "Final Fantasy" title clocking in at 17.5 hours and "Final Fantasy 14" clocking in at 122 hours. Whether the estimates for "Final Fantasy 9" seem short or long to you, it's all a matter of perspective when taken in the context of the overall franchise.

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