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Dream Knows How He Wants To Do A Face Reveal

Not everyone who's famous and successful can easily be recognized on the streets. In the case of some highly popular streamers who have worked hard to maintain anonymity, fans don't even know what they look like.


"Minecraft" YouTuber Dream is one of those streamers who has managed to amass quite a bit of wealth without having ever revealing his face. This doesn't mean that his identity will remain a mystery forever, however. In fact, according to a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, a face reveal could be in the cards.

During their conversation, Dream admitted that his anonymity likely played a role in his popularity, however, there are some disadvantages. Because he has kept his face hidden, he has felt limited in his ability to express himself through his content. He also regrets that he can't meet anyone or participate in other social/promotional events without risking being revealed.

As they continued discussing the subject, the pair spoke of a face reveal in a way that made it sound inevitable. Dream shared that he had no apprehension about doing it and that it would mark a "new chapter" in his career. Padilla concluded that Dream would eventually reveal his identity to the public and asked how it would be done.


Dream could face new opportunities

The "Minecraft" streamer explained that he would want to do it with friends and in a format where his fans could join in, such as "a meetup or some kind of event." Even so, he was adamant that he did not want it to be a major event where people would have to pay to see what he looks like. Above all, he wanted to be clear that a face reveal would not necessarily mark a notable change in his brand; it would simply afford him the opportunity to collaborate and meet others in the community.


This is not the first time that a major faceless streamer has considered their alternatives. Even Dream's friend Corpse Husband, who also keeps his face hidden, has said he think a face reveal could open new doors for him. If that is the case, why hasn't Dream shown his face yet? Sure, he's said it helped him grow his audience, but is that truly why he's kept the camera off all this time?

The real reason he won't show his face, as he's explained in the past, is that he still likes to keep his personal life private. If he does wind up lifting the veil, there's always a chance that he may end up regretting the decision.