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Civilization VI Finally Adds Australia With New DLC

Looks like it's a real g'day (see what we did there?) for Australian gamers, as the turn-based strategy series Civilization has, at long last, added the country to its latest installment, Civilization VI.


Australia's inclusion in the Take Two-developed title marks a first for in the franchise's lengthy history; never before has the land down under been available for Civilization fans to actually play within. Developer Firaxis Games made the exciting announcement in a video posted on Sid Meier's Civilization YouTube channel, stating that Australia would become a playable selection in the game's extensive range of civilizations when the second round of downloadable content is released.

Including Australia as a new playable landscape is a pretty pivotal moment for Civilization VI, and the glimpses at the gameplay shown are even better. The video dives deep into details, most notably about who's helming the in-game country. Civ. VI's Australia will be led by John Curtain, the nation's 14th Prime Minister, who served during the tail-end of World War II. Curtain nabs a special ability within Civilization VI called the "Citadel of Civilization," which allows him to amp up the country's production rate in the midst of war or following a city's liberation by Australia. Likewise, Australia also gets a unique unit, the Digger, and a unique improvement, the Outback Station, within the game.


Though the DLC that comes bundled with the Australian civilization is set to hit Civilization VI alongside the game's free Australian Summer 2017 update, Firaxis Games didn't give an explicit launch date or price window for it. Given how momentous this is for the series, we're certain Civilization VI will soon become a game many can't wait to play.