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How This Headbutt Ended A Livestream

There's an old saying in the entertainment biz: "The show must go on." Even so, sometimes something unexpected can happen that puts a performer in such a compromising situation that the show literally cannot go on anymore. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Twitch streamer traveldanielle. What started as a playful exchange between her and her dog resulted in a collision so bad, she had to end her stream early.

Everything seemed perfectly fine as her pet simply wanted to join in on the fun. She encouraged her dog to jump on her lap, and the animal was a little overzealous. The canine accidentally bonked her in the head, resulting in more than just a little bump and knocking her headset off. The poor pup didn't seem to be aware of the impact caused by that headbutt, though from the loud "smack," it was clear to the viewers that this might leave a mark.

Traveldanielle told her viewers, "Oh my god, he got me in the jaw so bad," and while she didn't seem to harbor too much resentment toward her pet, she was definitely in pain. She tried her best downplay it and keep the show going, but unfortunately, that just wasn't going to happen. Soon enough, she realized how much she was actually hurting and was on the verge of tears. From there, traveldanielle had to get up and leave, after which she was consoled offscreen by her husband and fellow streamer Datto.

Taking it in stride

Datto took command of the stream to let everyone know that traveldanielle would be okay and to keep the viewers occupied while she took care of herself. She did return, but she was in no shape to continue, and so that night's stream came to an end.

She shared the incident on Twitter and fans were quick to show their support. One user wrote, "I genuinely hope you both are ok. You honestly handled that way better than I would have." Others showed their solidarity by sharing similar experiences, like one person who received a scar after their husky landed an accidental blow to their head.

All in all, it seems traveldanielle did her best to take it in stride and handled the situation as well as one could, given the circumstances. She even wrote in the Twitter comments, "I was trying to think positive and be thankful that it wasn't worse." Regardless, it may be safe to assume she will not be inviting her dog to sit on her lap again in future streams.