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More Overwatch Funko Figures Coming Soon

Prep your wallets, Overwatch fans: a new wave of Funko Pop vinyls will hit shelves this spring.

Today, GameSpot reports that Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that a few new collectible cuties from toy maker Funko Pop are on their way, and fans can call them their own just a few months. Both the figurine-creating factory and the game developer/publisher released images of the upcoming Overwatch line as well as key details about location availability.


This batch of Overwatch Funko vinyls includes standard-size figures for the ice queen Mei, the gun-slinging outlaw McCree, the always-energetic Lucio, and everyone's favorite support hero, Symmetra. Additionally, Funko is releasing four store exclusives that are alternate versions of some previously-unveiled vinyls. These include an all-new Tracer sporting yellow goggles and a white costume only available at ThinkGeek; a Hot Topic-exclusive Mei figure that includes an adorable ice blaster accessory; an American flag edition of McCree fans can only pick up at GameStop; and a silver Pharah unique to Blizzard's Gear store.

The fun doesn't stop there, however, as Funko is also doling out some larger figures as well. Four six-inch Pop vinyls will be bundled with this new wave. The Overwatch characters getting this special treatment are D.va and Reinhardt, who each receive a standard-looking figure and a different takes on their classic look. D.va is shrunken down to 1.75 inches, a mold of her that can easily fit inside her six-inch MEKA, and her figure is available in her normal pink costume and her gritty Carbon Fiber skin. Reinhardt fans can grab a six-inch version of the hammer-pounding hero or go for the Best Buy-exclusive figure that shows him with his helmet off.


Take a look at all the figures below:

Overwatch diehards will be able to purchase these in April, along with the game's current Pop vinyls like Reaper, Winston, and Widowmaker. Though the wait seems pretty long, we're certain these figures will be snatched up in no time, since they are based off one of 2016's best games.