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Lady Dimitrescu Is No Longer The Love Of The Internet

After months of thirsting for Lady Dimitrescu of "Resident Evil Village," the internet might have found a new object of its affections. After numerous hoaxes and false alarms, fans were delighted to hear that the game they had been waiting for will arrive in January 2022. That's right; "Elden Ring" now has an official release date and a new trailer that shows the world more details about the upcoming fantasy epic. And much to the internet's surprise, it turns out that "Resident Evil Village" isn't the only game with a giant woman.


At one point in the "Elden Ring" trailer, viewers are shown a tall, red-haired woman in heavy armor. While very few details about the unnamed warrior have been revealed, the internet didn't need much more than a glimpse to become infatuated with the tall beauty. It's safe to say that gamers have a new crush, and she's likely to kick your butt.

In fact, fan reactions to the "Elden Ring" trailer have largely focused on the all new mystery woman. Several gamers focused on the similarities between Lady Dimitrescu and the red haired woman, noting that while there's enough room for both of them in fans' hearts, both women are deserving of adoration. @RoboMythos astutely observed, "I have two hands that can hold both Lady Dimitrescu's hand and the giant lady from 'Elden Ring's' hand."


Move over, Lady D

Other admirers took a different approach to the situation, suggesting it was time for Lady Dimitrescu to move over and make way for a new internet love. @HeyOtako politely requested that Lady Dimitrescu step aside to make way for their new favorite, and included pictures of the new warrior for good measure. @Vales_arts summed things up with a meme of Lady Dimitrescu being ignored in favor of the new "Elden Ring" icon. Then, they begged, "I'm SORRY Lady D I still love you pls don't kill me." 


@KojiMads compared the changeover from Lady D to the new "Elden Ring" woman to a scene in "Toy Story 2" where Andy throws Woody away. It seems like the internet is done playing with Lady Dimitrescu now (at least jokingly).

Of course, there's probably room in gamers' collective hearts to enjoy both Lady Dimitrescu and the mysterious "Elden Ring" woman. No matter what sort of tall woman gamers enjoy, developers have certainly been kind to those who love intimidating ladies. Right now, fans can only speculate about the role this character will play in "Elden Ring" once the game arrives. Hopefully, more details will be learned in the coming months. Until then, there's always fan art.

Fan art floods the web

Some gamers have combined their artistic talents with their "Elden Ring" fandom in order to create beautiful works honoring the tall lady. Twitter user @Azure_meraki created fan art of the red haired woman in a more classical style, her hair flowing out behind her and her armor incredibly detailed.


A different drawing focuses on her armor more closely, and speculates at what the warrior might look like under her dense helmet. @meirgherit drew a black and white portrait of the big woman without her helmet, showing expansive scarring underneath and suggesting that she may be blind. While fans don't know any specific details of her unarmored appearance just yet, body mortification is certainly in line with other FromSoftware character designs. 

Still other art from @amarcus88ig imagines that the character may have some incredible powers. They created artwork of the woman shooting a beam of energy out of her hand towards the sky. As with all of the fan art pouring onto the web, nothing has been confirmed yet, but it's interesting to consider how fan art might predict what actually happens in "Elden Ring."


Mythological inspiration for the giant warrior

The lovely giant might have roots in real world mythology, as several astute Twitter users have pointed out. @Teradiamart, a freelance illustrator on Twitter, speculated that the tall woman in "Elden Ring" was inspired by a mythological warrior. "I think The Big Lady from the new 'Elden Ring' Trailer was probably inspired by the Queen Brunhilde from The XIII Century epic poem Nibelungenlied," she said, providing pictures of the two women side by side. The "Nibelungenlied" is a famous and celebrated 13th century Germanic epic poem that features a variety of warrior women. The poem describes Queen Brunhilde as being "renowned not only for her beauty, but also for her vast strength." In other words, Burnhilde was both gorgeous and powerful — and maybe very, very tall.


One commenter noted that the inspiration might come from a secondhand source: "Berserk," the classic manga by Kentaro Miura. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the "Dark Souls" games, loves Miura's work and has littered his games with small references to "Berserk." It's possible that Miyazaki got inspiration from Miura's work, who was in turn inspired by similar European folklore.