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FaZe Jarvis May Have Found His New Career

Logan Paul seemed to kick off a whole new trend fighting pros in the ring, most recently going up against top boxing star Floyd Mayweather in a particularly controversial match. On June 12, LiveXLive Media held an event called "Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms," in which YouTubers and TikTok stars met in a much-hyped boxing event. One of the biggest moments of the night came when YouTube star FaZe Jarvis delivered a knockout hit to TikToker Michael Le.


The boxing event had been in the works for a while, and even DJ Khaled and Lil Baby joined the mix to perform. The event required pay-per-view access; in other words, it wasn't some cheap fight night that was simply thrown together and streamed by the participating parties.

The KO from Jarvis came in the second round between the two internet stars. Dexerto posted a clip of the KO hit on Twitter, and as one Twitter user out it, it was clear that "Jarvis knocked [Le] into another dimension." Dexerto also shared a look at the hit from another angle, making it even more clear just how hard of a hit Jarvis got in.

Jarvis was extremely excited by his victory, and his interview after the match showed it (via Dexerto). The British YouTuber said that he "felt like screaming to the top of his lungs" after the fight ended. He also mentioned that he wanted to continue a fighting career "100 percent." His excitement bled into his Twitter feed, too.


The reaction to FaZe Jarvis' victory

Before the match, FaZe Jarvis posted an inspirational note on Twitter to remind people that "absolutely anything is possible if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself." He also mentioned that he had been training for months and was ready to take Michael Le on.


After the KO hit, Jarvis tweeted out a picture that was captured right after his massive hit — Le was still on the ground, the referee was calling the round, and Jarvis was indeed screaming in excitement. He also mentioned in another tweet that he's "never screamed that much in [his] life." In a display of sporstmanship, Jarvis tweeted to Le the next day and mentioned that he had "big respect" for the TikTok celebrity. 

It's clear Jarvis was extremely hype after the win, and it seems like he wants to hold onto that feeling. Considering his comments regarding future fights, fans can probably look forward to seeing him in the ring at the first opportunity.