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Horizon Zero Dawn Team Talks Game's Development

Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is just on the horizon, and the creatives responsible for the immersive action-RPG sat down in an exclusive video to discuss some key elements of the game's narrative, structure, and emotion.


In the clip, posted to PlayStation 4's official YouTube page, Guerrilla Games developers talked about the initial ambitions they had for Horizon Zero Dawn as well as the goals and hopes they have for the title once it's released to the masses on February 28. Entitled "Horizon Zero Dawn: Building the World," the video features managing director Hermen Hulst discussing how the title surpasses benchmark visuals and how the vision for it was originally akin to a BBC-style documentary, just in game form.

Another crucial element to Horizon Zero Dawn is its gorgeously expansive open world that begs for player exploration. Game director Mathijs de Jonge touched on the fact that in order to render these hyper-real landscapes, big changes were made to the game's engine. Additional comments were made on Horizon Zero Dawn's intuitive facial recognition capabilities and the tweaks the developers made to prevent any loading screens post-boot. You can check out everything covered in the video above.


With early reviews already applauding Horizon Zero Dawn for its fresh take on the traditional open world genre, it looks like Guerrilla Games has created something incredible. While you wait the seven long days until the game hits shelves, check out the games we can't wait to play this year.