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Final Fantasy XV Director Is A Fan Of The Switch

Though the Nintendo Switch has a pretty sizable lineup of launch titles and even more coming later down the road, one in particular may never be available for the versatile console. No current plans are set for Final Fantasy XV to receive a Switch version, but the game's director Hajime Tabata thinks the system is quite an interesting one.


In an interview with Polygon (via GameSpot), Tabata referenced his past work with developer, publisher, and distributer Square Enix in directorial roles that saw the company release portable titles such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0. Given that the upcoming Nintendo system is hybrid of a console and a handheld device, Tabata's expertise in both areas would seem just the tool needed to bring Final Fantasy XV to the Switch—and is something Tabata says has definitely piqued his interest.

"I've worked on handheld titles, but I've also worked on console games," Tabata stated. "So the fact that Switch is both at the same time is really fascinating to me."

Tabata also mentioned that he's "really interested in coming up with ideas and how to capitalize on that technology and how to create the best experience possible on the technology," but admitted that he's unsure if he has figured out just how to do that as of right now. Tabata did, however, dive into what changes he would bring to the Switch that extend beyond a television screen and a pair of Joy-Cons:


"You're playing on the big screen and then you take [the Switch] out, put it down on the table. It becomes a monitor [but] it doesn't stop there, because in my mind, it would be really perfect if you could then take this new monitor and use it like a tablet, for example, and play different apps on it like you would on your iPhone or your Android. So basically, it's accomplishing three tasks in one machine. It's kind of like the dream machine."

It certainly sounds like Tabata is enthusiastic about the newest console from Nintendo, even with the proposed changes he'd make if he was helming the console's design and functionality and despite Final Fantasy XV possibly never reaching the system. While the game isn't currently in the works for the Switch, that may change in the future. In the meantime, there are plenty of other Nintendo Switch games to look forward to playing.