Overwatch Update Teases Upcoming Hero, Signs Point To Doomfist

Blizzard Entertainment seems to get its kicks teasing out information on updates, events, and heroes slowly over the course of a few weeks. (Hey, it builds excitement!) With the talk of the elusive "hero 24" on the lips of nearly every Overwatch player recently, Blizzard took it upon themselves to throw fans another sneak peek at who exactly it might be. And despite prior statements that the next character won't be who everyone thinks it is, all signs (or, in this case, fingers) are pointing to Doomfist.

On the official @PlayOverwatch Twitter account, a breaking announcement was posted with the following caption: "[BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported."

Accompanied by this important in-game news is a "live" photo of the aforementioned Numbani International Airport, in which one terminal wall is severely damaged—left with an OR15 unit punched straight into a fist-shaped hole, perhaps inflicted by one very powerful metal gauntlet. Overwatch fans called this like they saw it: something very big is happening, and it almost certainly has to do with Doomfist.

Shortly after this tiny tease (which has now amassed over 15,000 retweets on Twitter) was posted came the unveiling of the game's latest Public Test Realm update. Changes to the PTR focus on the Numbani map, which now reflects the damaged spawn terminal seen in the original announcement and shows that Doomfist's gauntlet that once rested inside the map's payload unit has gone missing.

Earlier this week, the Overwatch team rolled out information on a possible forthcoming character, an 11-year-old robotics prodigy named Efi Oladele. Fans have begun linking today's news with Efi's reveal, speculating that perhaps Efi built Doomfist's gauntlet and that the timeline of announcements isn't just coincidental. Perhaps this spells out massively exciting news on the horizon.

Here's to hoping hero 24 is unveiled soon. While you wait to get your hands on the next playable character, try perfecting your combat with a current one by learning the best way to play the sniper-support hero Ana Amari. You never know, you might just end up face-to-face with Doomfist before you know it; best to be prepared!